Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Noah's 4th Birthday

Saturday was a very full day. We started the day with delicious pancakes made from scratch (Kristi makes awesome breakfast) and a quick shopping trip to find larger swim suits/trunks for the kids. That was followed by a TRIP TO THE ZOO!

Noah and Mikayla showed Uncle Keith the sea lions and the polar bears and the giraffes and ....
... and finally the new Tembo Trail! It's got a new boardwalk, lots of extra room for the elephants, indoor viewing areas for several of the animal habits, rhinos, hippos, and meerkats. With the opening of the newly expanded exhibit that weekend, there were stations around with fun crafts for the kids. Below are the elephant masks and the bead necklaces that they made (and were very proud of).

By the time we returned home, Papa, Grandma, Uncle Scott, Aunt Michelle, and Uncle Dudley had just arrived. The kids took advantage of the warm weather and had fun playing in the kiddie pool in the backyard. After a delicious dinner courtesy of Kristi, Noah opened all of his fun presents from everyone with overwhelming excitement and then it was birthday cake time (Noah wanted a U of M cake, go figure). The day ended with more fun outside playing with new toys and uncles and more toys.

It turned out to be a near perfect day and one I will remember for years to come.
Happy 4th Birthday Noah!

Lots more pictures can be found in the album.

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