Tuesday, September 2, 2014

On the first day in the First Grade

I knew it was going to happen eventually - summer would official end and school would start again.  Seems like that happens every year or something :-p  I mean remember Noah's big day last year? (Oh please please please click on that link and check out that baby face!)  This year was much easier for all of us (side note, this day next year I will be a complete and utter mess when I 'lose' my baby.  Just a warning now) and Noah has been so excited to go back.  We did have a bit of a run-in this morning when he told me that he just wanted to go to school so he didn't have to play with Mikayla anymore (I may have read him the riot act on this one) but by the time we were walking to the bus, without the whiff of a suggestion from me, they were walking hand in hand and at different times today I have heard from both of them that they missed the other.

Anyway, he did it.  He made it, he had an awesome day!   This afternoon he was full of tales about his new teacher, classmates, lunch, recess (those are usually the things that are most important on his daily recap, glad to see some things never change.)  Actually, he told me it was the best day ever and he doesn't ever want to leave school again.  Hmm, I'd say that's a pretty glowing review.  The highlight was the orange playdoh (that smelled like oranges!) that Mrs. Nehs gave to him and his classmates.

The Bean and I didn't let being down a man trip us up.  In fact, we had quite the day!  We started this morning by making her colored pasta for school.  We meet with her teacher this morning and she's to take her supplies with her, so after we got that finished up she and I set out to do her big "Mom and Kid" first day outfit and supply shopping.  The girl exhausted me!  She did find "the outfit" and I took pictures of some of her favorites but I'm not going to spoil it for next Monday and tell you what she ended up going with.  We also got her some play shoes, all her supplies and some other odds and ends clothes wise.  I do have some Children's Place cash to spend in about two weeks, so I think if I start gearing up now for another shopping whirlwind with Kayla I may be able to keep up...

I decided not to try to pack any additional Ohio stuff into today since I knew Noah would be wiped.  I was more than happy to give him a snack and let him unwind with an episode of Scooby Doo for a bit when he got home.  I don't think the transition back will be quite as rough as last year but 9-4 IN actual school (that doesn't include getting there or home) makes for such a long day.  Thankful yet again that Ohio fell this week so they're not really missing out too much.

I did keep us in the Buckeye State on a culinary level, though.  Tonight I found a copycat recipe for Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger.  If you remember from yesterday, Wendy's started in Columbus in 1969 and now is the 3rd largest hamburger fast-food chain in the country.  Their burgers are known for being square shaped, so I did my best!  Then, as a surprise to celebrate Noah's first day, after dinner we took them over to an actual Wendy's for a frosty!  (By the way, I had planned on making them myself with this Wendy's Frosty copycat recipe, but we decided a treat was in order to celebrate)  I gotta ask - is having a vanilla frosty legit?  It just doesn't seem like that should be allowed...

Big day for the Bean tomorrow as we head off to meet her teacher.  I also have a fun Kid Kitchen planned with her, we find out which Gatchel's have been to Ohio (hehehe) and thanks to my amazing sister we get a chance to try yet another culinary treat from Cincinnati.  So until then...

Ohio Fun Fact of the Day: Fostoria is the only city in the country to be situated in three counties.

Ready for anything

The Dynamic Duo

I want this blown up and framed - I had NOTHING to do with it

Climbing aboard

Making the Bean's colored pasta

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

Her lunch of choice

He did it!

Ohio proud since 1969!

He ordered all by himself (if only he was paying for it, too - right?)

And brought them home to share

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