Thursday, September 18, 2014

Trails, Wagons and Witches!

So I know yesterday I said today's post would be longer - I fibbed!  It's been another busy one and my leaving for Witches Night Out got pushed back a little bit, so I thought I'd get at least part of a post/pictures up before I left.  I had a very relaxing and enjoyable MOPS meeting this morning where I took Oregon Trail Mix (you have to scroll down for the recipe aways) for a treat to share.  Though sticky, it was yummy (Kayla taste-tested it for me as well this afternoon and declared it a 'make it again' recipe).  And since we were (gasp, horror of horrors!) running out of peanut butter I made it even more Oregon-centric by swapping in some hazelnut spread in its place.  (Oregon produces 99% of the US' hazelnuts, remember?)  This afternoon the kiddos did their Oregon coloring pages (hmmm, just do it, right?) and they are currently sitting down to a dinner of Cornbread Topped Apple Macaroni and Cheese.  This recipe features Tillamook Cheese which I said earlier in the week is made in the world's largest cheese factory!  I'm going to be heading out here shortly, but Grant is in charge of overseeing tonight's project - building a covered wagon!  I've already got everything prepped up for them and they've promised me pictures that I will post either late tonight or early tomorrow.  But at the moment, I need to head out and enjoy some girl time, so wrapping this up!  Bob's Mill (an Oregon company) makes an appearance tomorrow, as well as a salute to the maraschino cherry - which Oregon is the leading producer of.  Plus, after a crazy week, it's movie night at the Gatchel's and I am screening an 80's classic set in Oregon - any guesses?  Until then...

Oregon Fun Fact of the Day:  Eugene was the first city to have one-way streets.

Oregon Trail Mix

Working away with CK

Mikayla's Oregon

Showing me the Hazelnuts she drew

My little artist

Noah's Oregon

Hard to see, but he's got Lewis and Clark (who's explorations led to the Oregon Trail), the Nike Swoosh, Crater Lake starting as a volcano and becoming a lake and the biking symbol for the state

Better pic

Mmmm, mac and cheese!

Oregon dinner

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