Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Full House

 I have always said that if I was physically able to (stupid blood pressure and potassium issues) I'd have a whole houseful of kiddos.  God has blessed me with the two who in some way every day remind me that two are plenty (hehe), but this weekend I get the opportunity to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and actually have a full house!  In an epic surprise that has been in the planning for months, our wonderful friends the Janoch's are out of town for the weekend and we gt to play host to their twosome.  My kids are in 7th heaven - their first sleepover with friends!  Plus plenty to keep everyone busy and occupied.  We had a great and very full day and I have to say, all four kiddos have been exceptionally well-behaved given the unfamiliarity of the situation.  (I say this like I'm surprised, but I knew everything'd be cool, they're all really good kids.)  Anyway, easiest to 'show' you our day instead of trying to remember it.  (Go Tigers and no, I don't want to talk about the Michigan game, by the way).  As I write all four our deeply involved in Despicable Me 2.  Sleeping arrangements are still up for debate, and Grant and I are taking bets as to what time all four of them actually end up being out.  We have a 'build your own waffle' bar, Church, and a walk down the newly constructed section of 96 planned for tomorrow and I'm going to get a little more Oregon in before we move on to "The Keystone State" on Monday.  So until then...

Oregon Fun Fact of the Day:  High above the city of Portland the International Rose Test Garden features more than 500 varieties of roses cultivated continuously since 1917.

Ready for our adventure!

This was their 'silly' pose

We went to the Family Fall Day at the MSU Tollgate farm this morning - so much fun!  Kayla tried out a saddle

A too!

D learns about milking a cow

And they all got really frustrated trying to pump water

Painting pebbles

It's hard to see, but this is A holding a hissing cockroach - way braver than my two!

Climbing the hay bales

Taking a tractor ride

Change of plans - free lunch!

Then we headed to Beechview for some playground fun - the two boys showing off their monkey like skills

Kayla and CK taking a ride on the slide

Tess, I may have tried converting D to a football fan...

No weekend is fun without setting up a tent to play in (Grant has been AWESOME about all this)
The other night when we had the Oklahoma Indian Tacos NJ said he thought the fry bread would be really good as pizza.  So we tried it out tonight!

In a tent - of course

Settling in for the movie

Grant said the set-up was like movie theater seating.  Ice cream and popsicles all around!

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