Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fun Under the Lights - One Last Time

It has been one crazy week here at the Gatchel's!  Between Ohio week, the first day of first grade, meeting the teacher, MOPS starting, and an epic bowling party with no electricity I'm not sure which way is up!  So I'm glad that even though we kept busy and got things done today we kept it fairly low key and easy.  Grant and the kid went to Home Depot this morning, I ran some errands and got some things done around the house (oh the endless laundry), we worked on some projects, went to Church and then rushed home for Hungarian Hot Dogs and football!  I alluded to the hot dogs earlier in the week, and if you're from northwestern Ohio it's pretty safe to assume that you've heard for the place that makes these dogs famous Tony Packo's!  Native Toledoan Jamie Farr, best known for his role as Klinger on M*A*S*H, actually often referenced his hometown Toledo Mud Hens on the show as well as his love for the Packo's dog.  While you can buy the line in stores (I am a HUGE fan of their pickles) I decided to try my hand at the classic sauce myself figuring they'd be a great easy football watching dinner tonight.  Grant definitely agreed - polishing off three of them!

We did manage to catch some football earlier in the day (we watched Toledo get beat up on b Missouri for awhile - yikes!) and my Tigers go down yet AGAIN (grrrr, not going to go any further with this one at the moment) we were all looking forward to quite the marathon tonight.  First up, as I type, we've got the Michigan State v. Oregon game on (go Ducks!) and soon, all too soon, we're all decked out in our maize and blue to watch the LAST Under the Lights game.  I'm really sad to see the rivalry with Notre Dame come to an end - the past few years especially the series  has been so much fun.  (Last night, at about 10:45 I looked at Grant and told him in 24 hours we'd probably both be still holding our breath as this one plays out.)  Hoping the Wolverines take it on the road to South Bend and whip some Irish booty!  Oh, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Virginia Tech to pull something out of their hats tonight - the enemy of my enemy is always my friend - EVEN during Ohio week.  It would physically pain me to even type the name of that school today :-p

Alright then, enough of my ramblings, I've got football to watch!  Heading to Rochester tomorrow for one of our favorites - the Arts & Apples Festival!  And one last Ohio meal too (including a pie that I'm very interested in seeing how it comes out...) So until then...

Got the scrapbook page done!

Building away

Thanks Janoch's for the cool splat balls!

Making hot dog sauce

Kayla working on her homework - yes she actually has homework due the first day of pre-school

Ready for Church (in her new shoes we snagged today)

Me decked out in my gear - Under the Lights official jersey, Maize and Blue pants and even Michigan socks - Let's Go Blue!!

We even have Block M Jello tonight (and yes, I know it's read - the Bean wanted strawberry.  But red isn't one of ND's colors so I let it slide.  Tonight.)

Hungarian Hot Dogs!

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