Sunday, September 14, 2014

DIY, Dayton and Fry Bread Fabulousness

So yes, today was another day!  With a whole new set of challenges but a better attitude than yesterday,  Everyone here was in a funk about something at one point or another (let's just say both mine found them in bed VERY early last night...) and the sunshine this morning seemed to shake that (for the most part...).

After a quick breakfast of those leftover cinnamon rolls from dinner last night, we headed off to Church this morning.  Do you think the Catholic Church is collaborating with the NFL by making John 3:16 the Gospel reading this second week of NFL football?  (And no,  I don't want to recap the Lions loss.  Typical Lions as my Dad would say)  Anyway, home from Church to a speedy lunch and then heading off to Ferndale for the DIY Street Fair.  We had wanted to but for some reason didn't make it last year, so had been looking forward to it.  It's a festival that features all kinds of creative vendors (food and drink included) and artists with a strong flair toward the funky.  (It is Fernadle, afterall)  We had fun seeing lots of neat stuff and of course couldn't pass up a stop by the Treat Dreams booth to snag some Batman Ice Cream (salted caramel swirled with dark chocolate chocolate chip).

This afternoon we finally had some down time to devote to it, and I pulled out the stuff that Tess had gotten me at the end of last week for the State Project in Ohio.  She and her family had visited her Mom in Dayton (where she and Keith also went to college) and they took Flat Noah and Flat Mikayla with them!  She had taken lots of pictures, a video and even snagged brought them back a Carousel Companion guide from Carillon Historical Park where Flat N and Flat M had gotten to ride the carousel.  (There are over 30 different Dayton related horses you can ride on the Carousel!).  Many thanks to my wonderful friend for including my flat kiddos on their family adventure and for getting it all put together for Noah and Mikayla.  So glad they got to see it!

We also got in a final salute to Oklahoma with one more culinary treat, Oklahoma Indian Tacos.  These are common fair and festival food in Oklahoma and in my opinion, the fry bread is what makes the recipe.  I could take or leave the ground beef part but the fry bread, yum!  (Kristi's side note:  If you don't have self-rising flour, no sweat - you can make it yourself very easily.  Also. not sure on the recipe about the 2 different tomatoes as one isn't actually even referenced in the recipe.  I halved the recipe for us and only used a can of rotel.  And I'm not exactly sure what ranch beans are, I substituted in pinto beans.)

So tomorrow we officially kick off Oregon week, the gang heads back to school and Noah has his first night of religious education classes.  Actually it's a family mass and 'meet the teacher' night, that he and I are going to.  I'm thrilled that he's going to be in Jen's class.  It's looking like a busy week around here with that tomorrow, a shopping trip for the Bean and I on Tuesday, a first Scouts meeting and the Ice Cream Social on Wednesday, MOPS and a girls night out in Howell on Thursday and who knows what else.  I'm hoping for two healthy kiddos this week so we can really start to get our routine a little better established.  We'll catch you from the Pacific Coast tomorrow!  But until then...

Oklahoma Fun Fact of the Day: Oklahoma's Cimarron county is bordered by more states than any other U.S. county: Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas.

Batman Ice Cream (we love Treat Dreams!)

I'm not in the picture, but I was decked out in my Lions gear as well - you wouldn't believe how many people commented on how we were "The Lions Family"   Pride in the D!

Tess is wonderful!

Watching the video - you can see Flat N and Flat M riding on the carousel

Thanks Miss Tess!

Frying up the Indian Fry Bread

Oklahoma Indian Tacos

Everyone here REALLY liked these

During dinner we remembered we had Fry Bread in a dessert style when we talked about Alaska.  So with the last fry bread (which was still warm from the oven) I spread butter and then drizzled honey over it.  Mmmmmmm...

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