Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Super Saturday

Today needs nothing but pictures!  What a fabulously awesome day full of superheroes celebrating birthdays, chocolate cake, pumpkin fest, a new pet, Crayola fabulousness, football (no, I don't want to talk about the Michigan game) AND baseball - yep one great Gatchel day!

Apple picking with my awesome parents tomorrow and wrapping up Pennsylvania week!  So until then...

Pennsylvania Fun Fact of he Day:

Cinderella ready to go this morning (she insisted on the wig - it lasted all of 30 seconds once we got to the party)

Ironman joined Cinderella

Lots of fun!

Grant tried on the wig...

4 very cool super heroes on the teeter totter

Happy Birthday to Henry!

Grant and Ironman on the teeter totter


You think they had fun???

Pumpkin Festival in South Lyon!

Fun at the Pumpkin Festival

Making some fun recycled crafts

Time to play some games

Paws was there!

Aunt Shell, this one's for you!

Our favorite gourd carving guy was there

More games

Noah won a fish!

Had to support the local crafts people - Frozen bow

Michigan bookmark (and I got some amazing smelling tarts for my scentsy I can't wait to try out)

Noah starting work on his other Crayola project for the week

Grant and Kayla worked on her butterfly

Noah hard at work

I may have to invest in a new cheese grater...  This required me getting out the toothbrush for some heavy duty scrubbing tonight

Noah shaved crayon art!

Meet Squirmy!

Best Pennyslvania Dutch Chicken Corn Soup (the boys both really liked this)

Dinner time!

Kayla's finished project

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