Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mikayla-tastic Wednesday

Geesh, not sure how we top yesterday!  Mail, crayons, cheesesteaks, pretzels - wow!  But if you follow along you know there's no such thing as a dull day at the Gatchel's. 

After getting Thing 1 and Thing 2 off to school this morning I got to head to Ikea and some other odds and ends shopping.  I am getting a bit scattered trying to remember when things are due, who is supposed to be where when, etc and have been trying to come up with a better way to get us organized.  Because let's face it, I am nothing if not organized!  So I'm sure my scattered feels like perfect order to some, but it's got me itching for charts, white boards and baskets that can be put away without stuff being EVERYWHERE.  Grant had said earlier in the week he'd be doing lunch with the Bean today so it gave me an extra hour so I didn't have to rush.  I think I've come up with at least the start of a plan and feel pretty good about it and am looking forward to getting it up and running.  Thankful to Grant that he could pop out for a bit (Kayla's been asking since school started) and make everyone happy.

I beat Grant and Kayla home by only a few minutes and had already promised the Bean she could help me make Amish Sugar Cookies for tonight.  I'm loving all these Amish recipes to celebrate Pennsylvania this week!  I'm not sure if Mikayla even needs my assistance in the kitchen anymore (well, maybe to read the recipe) as she's a pro at everything from egg cracking to dropping cookies.  These were easy and yummy, don't expect many leftovers for sure.  

When we got that finished I asked her if she wanted to take a stab at the "We've Been There" state.  They have been working on letter recognition and scissor skills at school so I knew this'd be a great activity for her, but didn't really expect her to get through it.  I mean, there are 12 letters in Pennsylvania!  But she was a rock star - in 15 minutes all on her own she'd found and cut out all the letters!  I let her put on stickers for everyone (yep, we've all been there!) but told her we'd wait for Noah to get home to hang it up.

We're scattered yet again tonight, so it was an earlier dinner of Pennsylvania Dutch Corn Pie.  No complaints from the crew, which was good since Grant and Noah had to eat quickly before heading off to the first Den meeting for Cub Scouts.  Though it has already been conflicting with quite a few other things (grrrr) Noah says he's really excited about doing Boy Scouts.  I'll be anxious to hear (more so from Grant who has to go to every meeting as well) how things went.  We did opt to put him in OLS' pack since we have a friend who is the new Cubmaster and D is in his den then as well.  He adapts pretty well no matter who you put him with, so I'm excited for him.

I promised the Bean if she finished her dinner tonight I'd paint her nails, so she's drying as I type.   Then I have a feeling we'll be working on her 'homework' for awhile.  She has a week to find the letter 'L' or words that start with L and then add them to her ABC book.  She's been working on it occasionally since Monday and asks to work on it every chance she gets.  May she always be so diligent about her school work.  Tomorrow she and I are meeting up with some of the MOPS group at Three Cedars Farm, which should be fun.  Plus there's a picture below that will give you a hint about tomorrow's menu.  And I bought them a box of 64 Crayola's so I can't WAIT to see their map pictures tomorrow.   A full Thursday as well, imagine that :-p  So until then...

Pennsylvania Fun Fact of the Day:  In 1940, Pennsylvania opened the first high-speed, multi-lane highway in the nation, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which set the pattern for modern super-highways throughout the nation.

Home after lunch with Daddy

Aren't they cut?

Hmmm, any guesses as to what this is????

Kid Kitchen - Amish style!

Ok, maybe not Amish style, we used the mixer.  But we made an Amish recipe!

And she cracked the egg by herself


Snipping away

I was so stinkin' proud of her!

And I think she knew it :D

Pennsylvania Dutch Corn Pie

Yum - verdict here was it was good and very filling

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