Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scouting out a busy Wednesday

Just a quick post tonight to get things up before we all run off in different directions.  Noah and Grant are off to their first pack meeting for Cub Scouts (yep, another heartstring) and Kayla and I are headed to Beechview for the Ice Cream Social.  It's already been a full day of all kinds of food prep this morning for me (as we have MOPS in the morning and I am gone for dinner tonight and most likely tomorrow night as well), a playdate after school for the Bean, the We've Been There State and a dinner of Oregon Salmon Patties.  (Kristi's recipe note: Canned salmon is yucky.  I didn't add the reserved liquid like the recipe calls for and I ended up adding all the breadcrumbs to the mixture.  Also, definitely made them this morning so they could set up a bit more).  Everyone here is munching away as I type, and no one is  protesting that loudly so I'm taking that as a win!  Hopefully a bit more tomorrow, but until then...

Oregon Fun Fact of the Day:  By 1843, thousands of American pioneers were migrating west on the Oregon Trail. The Trail began in Independence, Missouri and ended in Oregon City, crossing over 2,000 miles of prairie, desert, and mountains. The Oregon Trail is the longest of the overland routes used in the westward expansion of the United States.

Playing at the park with the ducks

I'm ready for "Witches Night Out" tomorrow (and in my Beechview gear for the Ice Cream Social)

Kayla and I worked o the We've Been There State

They were doing "O" for Oregon

He's prepared

He did this all on his own, I couldn't come up with this stuff if I tried

And then went to this - yep, still my kid

Salmon Patties frying away

Dinner - quick and simple tonight as everyone's going in different diretions

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