Sunday, September 28, 2014

You're Gonna Hear Us ROAR!

Tigers Win!!!!!  (Did you really think I could start this post any other way tonight?)  If nothing else, perhaps to add Lions Win!!!! (And no, I STILL don't want to discuss the Wolverines)  Order seems restored to the world today by a ALCD Title back in Mo-Town for the fourth consecutive year. It's been a rough season, but bring on the Orioles starting on Thursday!  World Series bound baby!

The only thing around here that could have been more exciting today - heading to MacQueen's in Toledo for some apple picking with my fabulous parents.  It's been since Labor Day since we've had the chance to see them, so we took advantage of yet another beautiful day given to us by Mother Nature to head to the Orchard and grab some yummy apples straight from the source.  I have grand plans, apples!  A stop for ice cream let us all catch up for awhile which was nice.  And we were flipping back and forth between radio stations the whole way home listening to both Detroit victory parties.  Ah, what a great way to spend a Sunday!

We got home in time for once last Pennsylvania dinner of Pennsylvania Dutch Pork Chops and Grandma's Cracker Dressing. When I came across this dressing recipe I thought it was interesting and we just had to try it out.  Everyone was weirded out (but enjoyed it!) that it smelled like saltine crackers but didn't have a similar texture.  At all.  But it was agreed that the whole dinner was a 'make it again' so it's all good!

As one last Pennsylvania treat for good behavior today, I made Kettle Corn which like a whole lot of other recipes this week, has ties back to the Pennsylvania Dutch.  Is there anything these people didn't come up with?  My crew agrees they've eaten pretty good in Pennsylvania this week!

It's another full week here at the Gatchel's (hmm, imagine that!) as we start off on our adventure through the nation's tiniest state - Rhode Island.  (To be read, Kristi struggles a bit yet again to teach the kids something other than "it's really small")  But we'll manage I'm sure.  I'll be back tomorrow to tell you all about it, so until then...

Pennsylvania Fun Fact of the Day:  The Rockville Bridge in Harrisburg is the longest stone arch bridge in the world. 

Think they were a little excited to see Grandma and Papa?

Picking away

Elevator up!

Oh no, the apple tree ate Noah!

Thanks for the pumpkins Grandma and Papa!

It's almost as big as she is

Ice Cream!

Pennsylvania Dutch Pork Chops

Grandma's Cracker Dressing

Dinner time!

Trying our hand at some kettle corn


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