Monday, September 8, 2014

The most beautiful Preschooler!

I knew it had to happen, but not so soon!  I'm not ready for this one to grow up.  But preschool is calling yet again, three days a week this year.  And this morning, dressed to the nines my Bean set out to conquer the world.  (And Lord knows she's going to do it!)  Had to share her first day pics in a special post - look for lots on Oklahoma tonight!  Until then...

Did you pick the right outfit?


She was saying "Mikayla's first day!"

Book bagged and ready to head out

But first a shot with the big bro!

Thank you God for these two - every single second of every single day

Ready to go in

And she's off!

Name Tag and ready to go

She survived the day (her belt did not) and got a special lunch to celebrate!

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