Friday, September 12, 2014

Falling into Friday

I think it may be safe to say that Fall has made its way to Michigan.  Jackets were necessary around here all day for sure, and I hear it's only a high (with lots of rain) of 60 tomorrow.  Bring of Fall, I say!  It is hands down my favorite time of year.  The smells, the tastes (got to hunt down some pumpkin tea!), the feel, the SPORTS!  Ah, Fall...

I had a productive Friday morning after getting both kiddos (who are feeling much better) off to school.  There's something about having a clean house before the weekend gets here that makes me feel content.  Could have something to do with the Fall smells in the scentsy today, too :)  And then the kids come home...  Ah well!  But since the weather was nice, I had told the Bean that I would pick her up from school in the wagon.  I was thrilled to be joined on my trek by Tess and A.  Friends make everything better!  And I know Kayla was thrilled to see them there waiting for her, too. Makes leaving at the half day point when lots of her class is staying so much easier.  (Have I mentioned how thoughtful our friends are lately?  Love it!)

I also managed to get the Oklahoma scrapbook page finished (woo hoo!) and tonight's dinner of Oklahoma Meatloaf,  Oklahoma Cheese Grits (state meal component!), okra (state meal component!) and raspberries prepped up while the Bean had some lunch.  She got a stellar review at school today and even with having to leave early, she's been all smiles when she's come home so I think she's having a good time.  Oh, and Noah got rave reviews at Curriculum Night last night, too.  His new teacher seems really nice and on top of things.  I'm anxious to get a chance to get into both of their classrooms and help out.  Even with the being sick hiccup this week, I'm ready to get into the school routine and figure out what changes that means for them and me as well.

Dessert tonight was the last component of the state meal that I think I'm going to be able to fit in this week - pecan pie.  I know I could have made it myself, but I figured when all was said and done the whole thing probably wouldn't get eaten and it might be a bit of a waste so I found a 'by the slice' frozen pecan pie at the store and snagged a few pieces.  Can't be wonder woman all the time ;-)

We're looking forward to the weekend.  Grant and the kids are doing the Build Project at Lowe's in the morning, and given the weather I'm planning on spending the day doing some stocking of the freezer, cleaning of shelves, pantries, etc an football watching myself!  Then Sunday Church early followed by the DIY Festival in Ferndale!  Missed it last year and we're all really looking forward to it.  So until then...

Oklahoma Fun Fact of the Day: In 1935, Musician Bob Dunn, from Beggs, Oklahoma, invented the first electric guitar.

Aunt Sarah he was sporting some of his new duds today

And I couldn't resist one of this beauty ready for class

Oklahoma, consider yourself scrapped

Homework- the life of a First Grader

Oklahoma Meatloaf

Family consenus on the meatloaf- it was 'good' but it was not as good as "Kristi Meatloaf"

Oklahoma Cheesy Grits


Dinner is served

Pecan Pie!

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