Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Waffling Through Wednesday

New Bern.  Probably not the most readily associated town with the state that Nita's currently hiding out in, but one of my personal favorites :)  As the kids learned (re-learned I hope...) it plays an important part in soda (pop, all you Ohio people) history.  The flag was up when the Bean and I got back from running errands (More on this later) but we waited until Noah got home to open the clue...

Dear Detectives,

Miss Direction was recently spotted in the town of New Bern.  While there she was spotted wearing a t-shirt with a logo while sipping a beverage with the same logo.  We believe that the logo is tied to a product that was invented in the state that she is currently hiding out in.  Unfortunately, we were not able to get a clear picture of the logo.  But, we believe that if you assemble the enclosed pieces you will have the complete image.  We are hoping you will be able to recognize the logo and it may assist you in determining where Nita is currently hiding.

Good luck!

Assembling the pieces...

They knew right away it was Pepsi (hmm, not that this is a bias house...)

Noah added the words "New Bern" to the bottom

Clue wall is coming along, but still no solid guesses

 Noah and Grant needed to head off early tonight for a Den meeting for scouts, and thanks to the email from our concerned citizen on Monday, I decided a Krispy Kreme inspired dinner was in order tonight!  A while back I had come across this recipe for Krispy Kreme Waffles and knew my breakfast for dinner loving crew would have to try it.  I have to admit, though, we had to cheat... I had it on my grocery list on Monday, no luck, and the Bean and I tracked to 3 different grocery stores today hoping to find Krispy Kremes.  I KNOW I have gotten them in the stores before (um, during state project week, of course!) but no such luck.  So after all that we settled on just the Meijer version of the glazed donut, but the INTENT was there.  But for whatever it's worth, if you like your waffle iron at all, I wouldn't recommend this one.  They LOVED them, but I'm thinking it's a good thing I wasn't too attached to my $12 iron because I'm not sure I'm ever going to get it clean.... (And yes, I was well aware of this possibility BEFORE I made these tonight)

Alright, everyone's off in different directions tonight.  I'm planning on hanging out with Amber and A in the morning (hear there may be a gingerbread house involved...), a PTA Board meeting and then back here in the afternoon.  Hopefully the kiddos will get a decent clue tomorrow, sounds like they need some help!  So until then...

Oh, and for the record...  The following is 'proof' that a little bit of elbow grease (and a non-stick surface, lol) can go a long way...

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