Friday, January 16, 2015

Frozen Assets

Isn't this how every Friday should start?  Dressed with STYLE!  I finished a project for Noah last night (since the Bean got her headband earlier in the week) that he insisted on wearing to school this morning.

If that wasn't enough fun, I got both kiddos off to school and then went and hung out with the lovely Colleen and the adorable twosome of D and E while the Bean (and R) were in school.  It was such a wonderful, laid back laugh filled morning - the perfect way to spend a Friday morning.  I then grabbed the Bean from school and we continued our delightful Friday by joining Tess and A for lunch and some fun.  Tess wanted to make some muddy buddy chex mix and got the girls involved.  Think they had fun?

Shakin' it up with A

And of course they had to taste test.  Turned out great!

This is proof my friends love me.  After hearing earlier in the week about my endless dishes, Colleen snagged me this little guy to try out.  I'll let you know how it goes :)

When Noah got home they noticed the flag was up, so we checked it out 

Nita said...

Noah and Mikayla,

Greetings from Charlotte!  That’s right, I’m telling you exactly what city I’m in – you’ll still never catch me!  While I’m here I’m visiting the Hall of Fame for the official state sport of where I’m currently hanging out.  Need another clue?  Just keep making left hand turns!  Or better yet, go check out your freezer – I’ve left you a clue you’ll have to melt to get your hands on.



So we checked out the fridge.  Then I reminded them freezer ;-)

And found...

They quickly came up with some ideas on how to melt their clue, but I suggested this: 

And they found...

Based on the information in the clue, Noah decided to go check out our giant map to see if he could locate Charlotte in North Carolina.  Success!  He also found some of the towns (Raleigh, New Bern and Winston Salem) mentioned in earlier clues.  Based on this, they decided to submit a guess!

Sent to the Chief!  Now we wait

And in the meantime, life continues on at the Gatchel's :)  I tried out this recipe for Cheesy Biscuit Lasagna tonight.  

The gang really liked them (especially when the cheese was stringy) so I'm holding on to this one

I also decided to give the ice cream machine another go with this recipe for Blue Moon Ice Cream.  If you've been following us for awhile, you may remember that Blue Moon ice cream has origins in Wisconsin and is a family favorite.  After the success with the vanilla I knew we had to give it a try. So...

They LOVED it!  In fact, Noah and Mikayla said they couldn't decide if this or the vanilla was their favorite, they really liked both but Grant said he preferred this one.  Not sure what we're going to try next - who's got a suggestion?

So, extra day this weekend (woo hoo!) and since I have the inside scoop, I promise that you're going to want to check us out tomorrow because rumor has it Nita is in the area....  We're also hoping that Grant and Noah can hit up a pinewood derby build workshop at Lowe's, the Bean and I are considering Zumba, the next Star Wars is being begged for and Noah's all about lawnmower tacos.  So until then....

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