Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Flagged Down by Nita

 Brrrr, it's COLD!  I'm pretty sure the temperature including the wind chill hasn't made it above zero here all day.  And of course it's been a day of running around a lot, which means in and out of the car countless times.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder and they're putting 60/40 chance of no school because of it last I heard.

But of course, that hasn't stopped us!  When the Bean and I got back from errands after school (sad side note - our Pepperidge Farm outlet store is closing!  Bummer!  If you are in need of goldfish or milano cookies, let me know!  Everything is majorly on sale right now, and they officially close the 23rd) we decided to whip up a dessert for tonight in Kid Kitchen.

Selfies first!

Okay, back to us being hard at work.  We've got Christmas candy up the whazoo that I am trying to get rid of, and I remembered this recipe that I had pinned a while ago.  So we adapted it a bit to suit our needs  
My cheflet hard at work

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cereal Candy Bars (well, that's what we're going with)  We knew Grant would LOVE these

She then helped me prep up these Garlic and Cheese Herb Bombs for dinner.  I didn't take any pictures of them but the overwhelming opinion was that these were AWESOME.

All that hard work earned a treat.  So I broke out my Christmas present to give Mikayla a manicure :-p

Yep, Detroit Tigers polish!

When Noah got home they noticed the flag was up and discovered another clue from Nita 

It read as follows:  

Noah and Mikayla,
Are you ready to give up yet?  You’ll NEVER find me!  And just to show you how confident I am I’m going to help you out.  Enclosed are the pieces of the flag of the State I’m currently hiding out in.  Assemble the flag and maybe you’ll be one step closer to finding me.  But I doubt it!


So they got to work

Ta da!

We glued it down so we could add it to the clue wall.  This led them to officially eliminate Maryland from their Intel board as they did remember what that flag looked like.

I just got back from a very long pack leadership meeting for Cub Scouts, so sorry this is a little late in getting posted today.  We're not sure if there will be school tomorrow (because of the temperatures) but if school, Kayla and I are off to MOPS tomorrow morning for Spa Day.  And if not, well, we'll see what happens.  So until then...

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