Friday, January 23, 2015

A Pinch of Salt

Remember how yesterday started with NJ modeling - well what's good for the goose...

I totally may have to make one of these for me

Anyway, hats aside, Nita sent us a clue that we managed to get to this morning before we had to get Noah off to school...

It read:
NJ and the Bean,
I can’t believe you haven’t found me yet!  What have you two been doing?  Geesh, guess I’m going to have to give you a big hint.  It just so happens that I’m hanging out in the capital of the state that is named after one of the state’s most well-known geographic features.  Some of the locals teach others about this place using the following experiment. Maybe it’ll trigger a memory or two for you – but I doubt it!  HA HA HA

And gave us:

Two Glasses
Food Coloring

1.       Fill both glasses three quarters of the way full of water
2.      To one glass, add one quarter of a cup of salt – stir well until salt is dissolved
3.      Add a handful of ice to each glass
4.      Add a squirt of food coloring to each glass
What happens to the glass of water with salt?  What happens to the glass of water without salt?  Which glass of water do you think represents where Nita is currently hiding and why?

So we set out to make the experiment happen!

Very quickly they remembered that we had done this before - when we talked about the Great Salt Lake!  In Utah!

They felt confident enough to make a guess - Noah typed

Mikayla sent it off

Today then consisted of a trip to the gymnastics studio for a field trip.  We (the parents) weren't allowed in with the kiddos (we watched through the glass) but Bean said she had a great time.  She even earned a "well done" stamp

She and I then headed over to hang out with Colleen and R for a bit this afternoon, I went into work and now Grant and the kids just left for an evening of Daddy and kiddo fun as a special treat before he leaves tomorrow.  A week as a single parent, oh buddy...  :)  Tomorrow morning we're off to the Science Center for a cool Member's Only event, we say Ciao to Grant and then perhaps an event at the library.  We'll see!  So until then...

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