Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Drop Box Arrived!

 While we were off at Church and running a quick errands this it seems as of MOMG Intelligence has been hard at work. We arrived home to find...

The drop box arrived

And it was full

They had to change into team gear, and then...

A letter and a puzzle piece

Noah read us the following letter:

Dear Detectives,

As promised, our Intelligence Team has come up with a more secure way to communicate and leave clues for you during your search for Miss Direction.  We will use this mail box from now on to leave any information.  If the flag is up, there will be information inside for you to review.  It may be a clue or it may be further directions on another means of communication we wish to reach you by.  Please ask the Chief where a secure location in the tracking lab will be for the box and make sure to check the box regularly.

As we fear Nita is thought to be monitoring our communication, do not be surprised if she uses her BAD henchman to contact you through the mail box.  As we have said before, Miss Direction is not dangerous, but she is VERY sneaky.  She likes to think that she is smarter than everyone else, which will most likely be her ultimate downfall.  We have no doubt you two are the best for this job and will use all the clues you gather to the best of your ability.

Lastly, enclosed in the mail box you will find your first clue.  Nita has a habit of leaving a single puzzle piece behind when she abandons a location.  We have no idea why at this time, but are entrusting this first piece, which was actually found on your back porch (we think Nita has been spying on you for some time now).  Please keep this piece (and any further pieces) in a safe place.  We have a feeling they will be VERY important in the eventual capture of Nita.

Remember to keep a close eye on the mailbox.  We will be contacting you again soon.


The MOMG Intelligence Team

We've found a location for our drop box, the folder we're keeping all the communication in and the puzzle pieces.  

In other, non Nita related news :) it's the last day of break around here.  And the Lions are playing!  The kids are both really excited as it is the first Lions play-off game since they've been alive.  Even better, I told them, the Lions haven't WON a play-off game since before Uncle Scott was born.   (Yet we still choose to root for 'em...)  So we're here hanging out, waiting for the game, and getting ready to be 'back to normal' tomorrow.  I'm in NJ's class tomorrow morning for reading, we (yep, gotta whine!) have religious ed tomorrow night which of course messes with things, and I would say that it's a safe bet that we can expect our first 'clue' to arrive tomorrow.  Here's to a Lions win!  More tomorrow, so until then...

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