Thursday, January 29, 2015

One Full Bucket!

 My bucket is overflowing with joy and happiness today.  It's just been a GOOD day.  I mean it started with,,,

Donuts!  Nita left us a package saying that Dunkin Donuts originated in the state she's currently in

and breakfast besides!

Then we got Noah off to school and the Bean and I headed up to the Church with a playdate with some of our faves.  I don't have any pictures from my camera - but it was a fabulous morning!  Lots of talking, laughter, kiddos, some crocheting, cuddling - just pure joy and happiness.  What a lovely Thursday morning.  And...

Julie gifted one excited Bean with a whole bunch of jewelry!  All of which she insisted on wearing - at the same time.  Julie also made me an adorable cowl scarf which I have been sporting all day.  Have I mentioned yet that today was just about perfect??  So perfect that Mikayla and I decided to get in some play time in the kitchen.  My favorite cheflet and I made Whole Wheat English Muffins
Cake Mix Cinnamon Rolls, (which we're eating for dinner tonight, hehehe) and Funfetti Cake Batter Cookies which NJ has declared his new favorite.  So glad to have my helper in the kitchen!

We just pulled these yummy cookies out of the oven when Alyson came over for a visit.  It's been been awhile since she and I had the chance to catch up, and my bucket filled up all over again!

We went and got Noah from the (snowy) bus stop and discovered the flag was up again!

Noah read us the following from Nita:

Detectives NJ and Bean,
How did you get those crazy nicknames?  Really, how I am supposed to take you seriously with a name like “Bean”?  Baked Bean?  The state I’m currently in is known for a famous baked bean named after its capital.  But anyway, I’m off track…

I decided to take a little trip today, I was thinking of stealing something for you again (ha ha ha) but I think what I had in mind may be a little too big to ship to you.  But I can’t just TELL you what it was (what would be the fun in that?), so I thought I’d share a little poem I am across written by Linda A. Copp.  It just happens to be about a very famous location in the state I’m in, and one that played a very important role in the birth of the United States.  Good luck you two crazy kids – you’ll need it!

"The Mayflower," a sturdy, little, merchant ship
 set sail in 1620 on a great, big trip.
Leaving Plymouth England, on the sixteenth day,
in the middle of September, it just sailed away!

Swish, swash across the Atlantic Ocean,
bobbing, rocking, rolling to its frantic motions
skimming, splashing, sailing on through the waves,
On and on she floated, a journey over many days!
Filled to the brim with Pilgrims, now on their way,
to start a new life in Virginia, a half a world away,
and escape King James the First's tyranny
for believing as they did
by worshiping freely in there new colony!

And so ...
Splish, splash, across the Atlantic Ocean,
tossing, heaving, swirling and in constant  motion
battered upon but pushing on its cresting waves,
the Mayflower's voyage lasted 66 days!
On November 21, they spotted land 
but, were nowhere near Virginia, as they had planned!

Instead ...
Sailing into the harbor of what would become Province Town,
they came to
 'Cap-Codd', and laid their anchor down!
Yet, they were still not idle, after their lengthy trip,
writing the
 "The Mayflower Compact", while still aboard their ship.
On November 21, 1620, this document of laws to govern their new colony became
the first governing agreement ever to be written in America, though still at sea!

Then one month later, to the very day,
having sailed across , the waters of Cape Cod Bay,
They finally stopped at the place they'd stay!
On December 21, 1620 The Mayflower docked.
And 'The Pilgrims' stepped onto Plymouth Rock!
Founding the "Plymouth Colony"
where one year later, it came to be.
They and their Native American friends, in peace and harmony,
shared corn, gave thanks and ate turkey!
Making their "Thanksgiving Feast" a part of history!

They instantly raced to the map to look for Plymouth.  Noah (all on his own, I swear!) told us we could take Vermont off our possibility list as it was not on the ocean, so the Mayflower could not have landed there.  They also got rid of Maine because they remembered the clue about it having a hook like feature.  So we're down to Maryland and Massachusetts!

I'm posting early tonight because as soon as we're done with dinner we're off to the PTA meeting tonight.  Tomorrow is PJ day at school for the Bean so she's super excited.  And I'm hosting the steering retreat for MOPS.  Should be yet another joy filled day!  So until then....

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