Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hallelujah! It's a Choir!

 Back to school!  Well, at least for the big one.  The little one and I were off most of the day visiting with friends!  But first, Nita stopped this morning!

She left us a note saying that the kiddos should check their email (Noah was perplexed about the handwriting)

So we did and read the following:

 Dear Noah and Mikayla,
I’ve been so busy sneaking around “The Beehive State” that I decided to take a break and do something I would enjoy while I’m here.  So I went to a concert!  One of the most associated items with my current hideout is the Mormon religion – it’s based and headquarters in the state.  In fact, about 58% of the state’s population is Mormon.

Anyway, I’ve been intrigued by the religion, whose earlier followers were led to the area by Brigham Young (there’s a university here named after him, by the way).  One thing they are known for is the huge 360 member Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  The Choir was founded in 1847 and has since become world famous.  The choir is usually accompanied by “The Orchestra at Temple Square” when they perform at their ‘home base’, which is where I was able to see them.

I took a video of the choir singing “The Hallelujah Chorus”, thinking you might want to check it out.  Maybe it’ll give you some clue as to where I am – but I doubt it!  I’m ALWAYS one step ahead.  To view the video go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBZ7AfZR9xs&list=PLhvrrymJM65-otYOGmtaqARXpIrc_WCaS

You’ll need all the heavenly help you can get to catch me!  HA HA HA HA HA!


So they checked out the video, but it didn't spark any big ideas.  Maybe tomorrow...

In the meantime, NJ did have to go back to school today but they had a (scheduled) delayed start.  So I asked him to help me out in the kitchen whipping up a batch of these Soft Batch Cream Cheese Cookies.

He was pretty much in charge on this one!

We changed it up a little bit, as I am calling these "empty the odds and end bags of stuff in the pantry" cookies.  They had M&Ms, candy bars, different colored chocolate chips, butterscotch chips - a little bit of everything

Using his muscles

After we got Noah off Kayla and I went and hung out with some friends this morning, made a quick stop back at home to move laundry and grab lunch and then went over to Colleen's for a bit to get in some playtime with R.  I hear that Invisible Mad Man is on the loose over there, good thing Batman and Robin were there to protect us... 

They make me smile - the Bean Team

When we got home, I made up some of the cookies (am freezing the rest.)  The rating from here is

Yep, a little bit of everything....  Noah says they're his new favorite

I tried another new recipe for dinner tonight One Pot Pizza Mac & Cheese.  I figured I couldn't go wrong by combining Noah and Mikayla's favorite dishes into one.  The crew gave it a thumbs up.

(Kristi's recipe note - I cut this recipe in half (4-5 cups of dry pasta for 4-6 servings - REALLY?!?!?) and we still had a good deal of leftovers.  But they really did really like it.  Might try it with cheddar in the mac and cheese and mozzerella on the pizza part next time.  It doesn't specify, but just for the true 'pizza' taste.  Otherwise this is a a really easy meal that only gets one pot dirty.  SCORE!  Even with my awesome scrub daddy from Colleen, less dishes = happier Kristi)

The Bean is back in school tomorrow, as in NJ and I'm reading in his class.  He and Grant also have a pack meeting tomorrow night that I know he's looking forward to.  Who knows what else, but until then...

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