Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Seen at Sundance

I can't decide if it feels like Wednesday or not,  No school on Monday really threw me off my game,  Plus it wasn't until this morning that we got the final confirmation that Grant really will be leaving for Italy on Saturday.  So my brain's kind of messed up in general (alright, so that may not be any different than most days...) but we're plowing through.  And Nita contacted us bright and early this morning!

And left a note saying we should check the detective's email. 

So we logged in to read the following:

Dear Detectives,

Are you movie fans?  I am!  And I was recently checking out the set-up for the Sundance Film Festival in my home state.  Sundance is one of the largest independent film festivals in the world.  This year, the festival doesn’t officially start in Park City until January 22nd, but I was checking out the set up when I snapped the picture that I’m attaching to this email.  It seems to me that I may have gotten a picture of Miss Direction sneaking around the set-up for Sundance, as well!  I had heard the rumors that she may be in the area and wanted to pass along this information to you as soon as possible.  I hope it helps!

A Concerned Citizen

Both kids tried to 'spot' Nita in the photo

Can you find her?
(Kudos to Mike for yet another amazing "Spotted" picture!!)

The clue didn't tip off the detectives in any one solid way (I promise they'll get it on Friday...) but they're still working on it.  In the meantime, both of them were off at school today, I was in to read to Noah's class, Kayla and I ran a few errands, made some ice cream (we tried this recipe using Grape Soda.  We did taste test tonight, but it wasn't quite set.  I'll let you know more tomorrow) and some other odds and ends.  I made Nacho Pot Pie for dinner which was totally not what I had planned on making tonight.  It was actually supposed to be for tomorrow, but I decided to go ahead and prep some of it up and as I am, Kayla pipes up and asks if we can just have it tonight.  So change of plans!  Grilled Cheese sloppy joes will just have to wait 'til tomorrow, I guess :-p  Anyway, the crew like this one, another keeper!

While I made dinner, Noah worked on his "Star" project for school.  His favorite animal?  Naked mole rat!

Mmmm. nacho pot pie!

The boys are off to a Scout meeting and Kayla and I are going to go hang out with Tess and A for a bit :)  MOPS tomorrow (woo hoo!) and a clue that will hopefully "spike" their memories a touch...  Hehehe  So until then...

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