Saturday, January 10, 2015

Close But No Lego

One of my favorite weekend activities is making something fun for breakfast for the crew.  I'm always trying out new pancakes, waffles, french toasts, eggs - whatever has sparked my interest on pinterest lately, usually.  One of their favorite things for me to make is donuts in the mini fryer using biscuit dough.  So the other day when I stumbled across the idea to do the same thing with cinnamon rolls, this morning's breakfast was born.

I did 'punch out' the middle of all of them for little bit size bits, but believe it or not, all 8 cinnamon roll donuts disappeared in record time first.   I'd say we'll be seeing these again...

After breakfast, Grant and I had wanted to find something fun to do today that was inside as much as possible.  The high today wasn't supposed to make it out of the single digits, so the sledding they've been begging for wasn't an option (because us adults weren't up for it, lol!) and we didn't think anyone would really end up enjoying the Ice Festival for very long either.  Hoping to make it there tomorrow.  Anyway, they both had gotten a little bit of money they had been wanting to spend and had been asking for a trip to the Lego Store.  So this morning we made a trip to Somerset Mall and spent a great morning.

Noah created three mini-figs of his own

We of course had to ride the people mover

And we had to make numerous stops along the way home.  The Bean had her heart set on another princess lego mini set and wasn't thrilled with what they had at the mall.  So one unsuccessful Target, a stop for gas, an unsuccessful Meijer stop (though Grant got beer and boots so he was happy), led us to one more Target where...

Mikayla picked out a Sleeping Beauty set. 

They both agreed that the rest of the money would go in their piggies, and everyone was happy.  Though it did mean it was almost 2:00pm before we made it home and no one had yet.  And the flag was up!  So they snarfed down leftovers and then... 

Checked the mailbox

They received a letter that read as follows:

Dear Detectives,
I received your email yesterday morning indicating that you felt that Nita was hiding out in New Mexico.  I took immediate steps to notify the MOMG Swat Unit and dispatch them to Santa Fe (the capital of New Mexico) to see if they could apprehend Miss Direction.

Through discussion with many locals (our Swat unit munched on quite a few sopapillas as they interviewed witnesses) we learned that, yes, Nita had been spotted in New Mexico!  We learned the location of her headquarters and surrounded the area immediately.

Unfortunately, as usual, Nita seems to be one step ahead.  She was notified by a local BAD member that we were hot on her trail and she left the area.  We have no idea where she is now located, but are confident that she will be contacting you again soon.  She did leave behind a puzzle piece which I am giving to you for safe keeping.

Also, I am passing along some further information from MOMG Intelligence.  They first ask that you remove New Mexico from our “States at Risk” wall.  You should move it to our “Suspect” wall next to the “Last Seen” header.   Secondly, they have asked me to enclose the next 20 states they feel are most at risk based on the information they have been gathering.  We have a feeling that Nita will be laying low for a day or two and will need some time to regroup, but you should expect her or my Intelligence team to contact you again soon.

Do not be too upset that we weren’t able to catch Nita.  You did exactly what we were hoping for- you tracked her down and we ALMOST had her!  In addition, the state of New Mexico is now on high alert and the borders have been safely secured to make sure that Nita will not be allowed back in.  All of us here at MOMG are so proud of your efforts and know that we have the best detectives possible on the job.  Good work, Detectives!

The Chief

They moved things around like they'd been asked in the letter and safely stored their puzzle piece.  We'll see what we hear next...

I mentioned yesterday that I was hoping to take the Bean to a zumba class, but it was just too late by the time we made it home.  It is every Saturday, so maybe next weekend.  Plus she's been acting a little 'off' lately and so we thought it was a really good idea for her to actually get a bit of a nap today.  While she napped...

The boys worked on some Cub Scout activities.  Hard work and planning has begun on Noah's pinewood derby car as well.  I have a feeling that'll be taking up a good chunk of time over the next 6 weeks or so.

The next 20 states are up - any guesses???

Noah went off and read for awhile (the kid could be happy with a book for hours!) and Grant and the Bean worked on the legos while I made dinner

 Spaghetti Tacos in fact

So for months now, NJ has been begging to be able to watch Star Wars.  I'm still not totally on board for the newer ones (especially the last one) but Grant and I discussed and decided to let them watch Episode IV.  (Thanks Janoch's for letting us borrow!)  Tonight seemed like a good night for it

After they finished off their tacos they munched on some...

And that's where we are now.  They are happily settled in watching (they are RAPT) and we're just chilling.  Still planning on mass and possibly the Ice Festival or sledding tomorrow.  We'll see how it goes :)  So until then...

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