Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Kokopelli "Cold" Day

 A little birdie told me there was a pretty good chance of no school today, which must have made me feel indulgent when I was out running errands yesterday because this was how our morning started:

That's right, no school here today - just too cold!  Brrr!  They ended up cancelling school just after 10pm last night.  Which meant no MOPS today.  And you know me, that meant plan B. I was sure some of the other moms were feeling as bummed as I was that our meeting was cancelled, so I offered up the house as a possible alternative location for anyone that wanted to venture out in the cold.  I wish I had gotten some pictures, it was quite the chaotic scene.  But I think I can pretty safely say everyone had fun.  And (bless them) NJ and the Bean did do a really good job helping me finish straightening up and returning the house to 'normal' after.  The promise of Ramen for lunch (it's the little thing I tell ya...) may have had something to do with that.  I then actually lost track of them for awhile as they were having so much fun playing together.

Kayla ventured upstairs at one point and noticed the flag was up on the mailbox!

So we read the following:

Dear Detectives,

MOMG Intelligence recently overheard a conversation between Nita and one of her henchman from BAD where she mentioned the word “Kokopelli.”  I am enclosing information on Kokopelli and a picture of them for you to color and add to your Clue wall in hope that it will trigger some thought as to what state Nita may currently be hiding in.  Good luck!

They each got a Kokopelli coloring page

And we read all about Kokopelli's

Then they set to work on coloring

The Bean's Kokopelli

Noah's Kokopelli - he cracked me up by continuing to tell me that he was making it look like Grant with crazy hair.

The drawings and the information went up on the clue wall, and we learned in what we read that the Kokopelli was from the American Southwest.  This them to eliminate everything except Arizona and New Mexico from what we had left from our original Top 20 list.  They are torn between those two options and I told them perhaps they should wait for another clue yet.

Later in the afternoon we were finally able to exchange gifts with the Janoch's and then sat down to a dinner of Chicken Pot Pie (this was a different recipe than what I usually use and the opinion of the gang was 'meh'.  Probably won't save this one.)

They also got a card from Grandma in the mail today.  And Mom, NJ read the whole thing :)

We're not sure if the Dynamic Duo will be back in school tomorrow or not.  We're supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow overnight and more (though not as extreme) cold.  Guess we'll see in the morning.  Not sure what else the day holds as I'm trying my best to roll with it depending on what the weather decides to throw at us.  We've also got some ideas brewing for the weekend, but again, we're at the mercy of Mother Nature so we'll see.  I'm hoping the detectives will be ready to make a guess tomorrow as to Nita's location after one more clue, so we'll see.  Until then... 

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