Friday, January 2, 2015

Setting up the Tracking Lab

 This morning, I went into work early while Grant and the kiddos made a quick trip to the library.  When they got back we all went to run a couple of errands together.  When we got back at shortly after noon, we found:
A box!

So we took it into the former "Map Room" (which has now become the Christmas toy drop zone.  Until Sunday.  I am growing :-p)

 Anyway, Noah read to us:

The letter enclosed read as follows:

Dear Detectives,

Thank you for your prompt response to the video communication from the Chief.  We hesitate to put too much information into writing as we fear Nita is monitoring our communication at this time.  Enclosed in this package you will find all the information we (MOMG Intelligence) currently has put together for you in order to help you begin to track Miss Direction.  We have notified the Chief and she is aware of what information we are enclosing and the suggested method for setting up your new tracking lab.  We believe we are providing you with the most up to date information for tracking Nita – please review this information thoroughly over the next few days as we believe Nita will be contacting you soon regarding her current location.  It is imperative that we secure each state and re-capture Miss Direction as soon as possible.

There are also some materials for you to use in your search.  Your official photo ID and fingerprint card for MOMG will need to be completed.  (Please ask the Chief for assistance)  Your official badges and a notebook to keep track of information is also enclosed.

We are working on a secure “drop zone” to be placed within your tracking lab to leave future clues for you.  We believe Nita will use some of her local BAD affiliates to do the same.  Further information will be provided on this in the next few days.

We look forward to working closely with you to successfully capture Nita as soon as possible.


MOMG Intelligence

So they dove into the package 

And we're thrilled to find their official badges and crime notebooks

We also found their blank ID cards which we had to complete

Noah loved that his says Detective NJ

 So we took their "official" photos for their ID's
I told them they couldn't smile, hehehe

I think the Bean looks more like the escapee than the detective

 And then got to work at putting up the tracking lab with all the information in the box
Grant and the kids started on the Suspect Wall

While I put up our Intel Wall 

This is important because our 20 states actually are laminated and can move from this wall to our Suspect Wall (last known location) and then to our Clue wall in the "Possible Locations" section.  The detectives have the ability to start to narrow down where they think Nita is from our top 20.

Once I got the intel wall up I snagged each of the kiddos to do their fingerprints for the ID Card

(it was a learning process...)  Noah's completed fingerprints

Bean's fingerprints

The completed Suspect Wall

Nita's Wanted Poster and Criminal Record

This is all about Nita's gang - hard to read, but it says:
Nita is the known Boss behind the notorious gang “Burglars and Delinquents”.  The gang boasts at least 20 active members that all answer to Direction.  The gang is known for well-planned attempted heists of iconic landmarks.  Some attempted thefts attributed to the gang include the “Butter Cow” at the Iowa State Fair, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Plymouth Rock in Maryland, the face of Thomas Jefferson from Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  The headquarters of the group is currently unknown, but MOMG suspects that gang members will attempt to assist Direction in her quest to capture the states.

Nita's Master Plan: Prior to her escape, MOMG had heard rumors of Nita’s plans to attempt to steal all fifty of the United States.  Intelligence shows that Direction has long been planning her thieving scheme.

Nita's Known Skills: Direction is well known for her burglary and theft skills.  She is a master of blending into her surroundings and familiarizing herself with her terrain and becoming a ‘local’.  She is devoted to researching her target before striking and is known for her patience.  She is not thought to be dangerous, simply sneaky.  Citizens are asked not to attempt to make contact with Nita if spotted, she spooks easily and could be lost.

This is our States At Risk wall.  As we 'secure' a state (if we don't capture Nita there) the state will come down.

This is our Clues Wall - on the right the Detectives can add "additional info" for example, city names in the clues, as they see fit.  The left is for "Possible Locations"

Our giant map will be used to track (with string) as Nita criss crosses the country.

A break to show off the cool awards they got from Grammy Caren and Papa Tom

Got these done and laminated....

And noticed a bit of a problem.  Epic fail by the Chief.

A quick run to Walgreens for new prints and we fixed it!

We're looking forward to continuing our low key laid back days this weekend.  Hoping (if the weather cooperates) to make it to the Home Depot Build tomorrow and then on Sunday we're taking down Christmas and watching the Lions TROUNCE Dallas :)  So until then...

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