Friday, January 30, 2015

A Marathon, A Tea Party, and Ducklings - where could we be???

Super quick post, mostly just to let you know our diligent detectives submitted a guess!  Noah got home from school and they noticed the flag was up:

He read us the following:

Dear Gatchel Detectives,
MOMG Intelligence is pretty sure Nita has been spending a lot of time in one city in the state she is currently located in.  From what we’ve been able to determine all of the following are true about the city:
1)       It’s the capital
2)     It’s the largest city in the state
3)     It’s known for a Marathon (this year will see the 119th running of it in April)
4)     They once had a REALLY BIG Tea Party in the Harbor but no one drank any tea
5)     They have a baseball team that plays at the legendary Fenway Park and is named after a certain color of footwear
Miss Direction was actually spotted in the city’s Public Garden checking out the statue dedicated to the famous story “Make Way For Ducklings” which is set in the city.  She got spooked and dropped a bunch of letters.  We believe (if you haven’t already guessed the name of the city) that if you assemble the letters in the correct order they will reveal the name of the city Miss Direction is currently hiding in.  Good luck!
MOMG Intelligence

They thought they had a good idea but worked on assembling the letters

And came up with... 

They raced to the map to see if Boston was the capital of either of the states they had narrowed it down to yesterday

They found Massachusetts and decided to submit a guess!

Noah typed

Mikayla sent

Busy night here, but everyone's glad we made it through the week.  Grant's home (at some point we hope!) tomorrow!  We'll see if we nab Nita and what else we're up to.  So until then...

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