Thursday, January 22, 2015

Spike It To You

Who loves this kiddo?  Hmm, that'd be his Mama who started this hat at 10:30 last night....

He was tickled with it and keeps telling me it'll last awhile

It is a little big, but he's happy

Speaking of happy - it's Thursday!  And what better way to spend part of our Thursday then heading out to play in the snow.  Well, shovel and play:

And make snow angels

And all that hard work deserves... 
A tea party of course

So yeah, after MOPS that was how the Bean and I spent our day.  (She told me she needed to have a tea party because Elsa had never been to one.  How could I say no to that?)  So we got Noah home from school and found the flag was up:

So we read the following:

My silly little Detectives,
I took a day out of my busy schedule of stealing the Osmond’s home state (Oh how I love Donny and Marie!) to take a side trip to Promontory Summit.  While there, I ‘picked up’ something just for you!  I’ve hidden my little treasure somewhere in your house.  But you know me, it’s not like I’m just going to give it to you or tell you where it is.  So answer this riddle, and it’s all yours!


I need electricity.
I live in the kitchen.
I am very noisy.
Sometimes I make milkshakes.
What am I?

So they went searching...

And found the blender!  And another clue:

My silly little Detectives,
Well perhaps you’re smarter than I thought! Now, in case you’re wondering what this spiky little present is, like I mentioned, I stole it for you on my recent trip to Promontory Summit.  It just so happens that in 1869 this little golden spike was driven into the railroads built by the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific that met at Promontory Summit and created the first Transcontinental Railroad.  Once completed the railroad spanned 1,907 miles from Council Bluffs, Iowa to San Francisco, California.  No little feat – and it meant more people could travel and settle the West.  A pretty important piece of American History you hold in your hot little hands.  Today I stole a golden spike – tomorrow the whole state!  HA HA HA!


And the Golden Spike!

We talked about it for a bit, and came up with the idea of locating the two cities in the clue (in Iowa and California) and coming up with a rough halfway point.  From there, Noah narrowed us down to Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.  He pored over the past clues and did find Provo in Utah, so he's fairly confident.  Though, as he's repeatedly told me - "There's a Fremont in Ohio and California, Mom, it could be like that"(Smart kid!)  So we decided to hold out for another clue tomorrow.

In the meantime, we're all just getting ready for the weekend, Grant to head out and all kinds of other fun.  Kayla has a field trip tomorrow which we're looking forward to.  So until then....

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