Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Flying High

I started the morning out by giving the Bean a project I made for her last night.  A friend recently said she wanted to learn how to crochet, which led me to pull down my big huge mess of yarn and get a little crafty.  So...

Once we got NJ off to school, the Bean and I headed to Toledo to meet up with my sister, Michelle and my brother (as a surprise!) Scott.  We browsed the mall for a bit, let the Bean play, had some lunch and just enjoyed being together.  Scott leaves for France in about 3 weeks so we're not sure if we'll be able to see him again before then or not.

Having fun at Claire's

They were having a Mikayla tug-of-war


 When Noah got home, we noticed the flag was up...

They read a clue with the following:

Dear Detectives,

MOMG Intelligence keeps picking up pieces of conversations between Miss Direction and her BAD henchman containing the words “Kitty Hawk” and “Wright Brothers.”  We have no idea what these mean, but are sure that you will!  Also, we are enclosing two pieces of paper that appear to be related to these words that were left behind by Nita when she was spotted by a local in Raleigh, sitting on a bench and drinking a bottle of Cheerwine.  One appears to have a secret code on it and the other a hidden picture.  We are confident you will be able to use them to track Miss Direction.

Good Luck!

Mikayla went to work on a connect the dot picture of a Wright Brother Plane

While Noah worked on a code on a reason why the Wright Brothers chose Kitty Hawk

She even colored it

When completed, the clue read:  The National Weather Service reported that it was one of the windiest spots in North America.

They still weren't able to narrow down their clue list, but I told them not to worry too much, I was sure we'd be getting more clues soon...

In the meantime, it was a dinner of Beans and Weanies (per Noah's long standing request.  They have been begging for 'normal' food since we wrapped the states and I have been letting them make suggestions) and I made these Butter Dips to go with them. (These are on the 'need a bread in a hurry that everyone loves' list around here for sure, now...) Glad it was an 'easy' dinner because that meant everyone got to try out my latest adventure - ice cream!

I used this recipe for Vanilla Ice Cream based on a suggestion from Shell.  (She is the ice cream aficionado - I bow down to her greatness.  Can't even hope to come close to her creations!)  The reviews...

I can definitely make ice cream again!  Can't wait to try it out again.  Flavor suggestions?

Pretty low-key today around here tomorrow, other than NJ and Grant are off to a pack meeting tomorrow night.  I'm hoping to clean the house.  And work on some of the projects people have been requesting.  I posted the pictures of Kayla's headband on facebook earlier and they generated some interest.  Feels really good to get craftin'.  Speaking of that, I'm off for the evening.  We'll be back tomorrow, but until then...

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