Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Chip Off The Old Block

 Happy Hump Day, all!  I feel like it's a monumental feat for us to reach Wednesday relatively unscathed this week.  Not only are we half way through the week - we're halfway through Grant being gone.  And everyone's still breathing!  And no one's bleeding!  Or crying!  Or pulling their hair out!  Actually, we're doing really well it just being the three of us.  Must be all those people we know have our back if we need it :)

Both kiddos had school today and then the Bean and I went to hang out with Colleen and R, D and E for awhile this afternoon  We even made play-doh for the Bean to take to school on Friday.  (Pink play-doh, gotta love it.  Speaking of that, Mamas out there, I used this recipe for the first time to make the dough and loved it!

Anyway, NJ got home and the flag was up!  A clue:

Noah read us the following:
Dear Detectives
Enclosed is a puzzle with a clue about one very famous dish that was invented in the state we believe Nita is currently hiding out in.  Complete the puzzle and give it to the Chief – we have left with her a reward for a puzzle completed correctly!  Good luck.

MOMG Intelligence

And they got this acrostic puzzle to solve.  I gave them a few helpful hints, and they got to work

Was so proud of them working together.  They counted how many letters in each word, figured out which boxes they would fit in and worked from there

They correctly solved the puzzle to learn that Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies were invented by Ann Wakefield in the state Nita is currently in.  And were rewarded with chocolate chips for us to make cookies!

And my two hard working chefs got to it

Reading the recipe

We took a quick break for dinner and then the kiddos decided they wanted to turn a bit of the dough into one of our favorites - skillet cookies!

And in the meantime, they helped me roll the rest of the dough into balls for us to freeze.  Have a recipe in mine for them for the Super Bowl, hehehe

Skillets out of the oven

And they got to work creating their sundaes.  (thank goodness I made some vanilla ice cream the other day for Friday night.  Thanks for sharing MOPS girls :-p)

Their masterpieces

Ready to feast

They both agreed they didn't remember where the cookies were from, but they loved the reward.  It's the little things I tell ya.  Back at it again tomorrow!  PTA meeting tomorrow night.  And I have a feeling we're going to be hearing from Nita VERY early...  So until then..

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