Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Oh the Places We'll Go...

 Sorry if you missed us yesterday, but as you'll learn in today's clues, we didn't get a visit from MOMG or Nita yesterday and there's a good chance its because we learned Nita is currently hanging out somewhere in New England  which just so happens to be buried under a good deal of snow right now...
Speaking of snow - check out the snowman the Bean made at school yesterday - too cute, right?

And speaking of cute...

Anyway, we did have the flag up first thing this morning!  So apparently whoever is in charge wherever they may be dug themselves out for long enough to tell us to check the Detectives email

We did and got the following message:

Hi Gatchel Detectives,
I’ve heard you’re pretty big sports fans so I’m sure that you know this Sunday is THE biggest football game of the year – the Super Bowl! What you might not know, though, is that I’m pretty sure that I have photographic evidence (which I’m attaching to this email for you) that Miss Direction is currently hiding out in a state that is home to one of the two teams that will be contending for the big prize this Sunday.  You’ll be able to tell from the picture that it appears Nita has been hanging out with some of the team’s biggest fans as they get ready for the big game.  I know I’ll be rooting for them on Sunday and I think you should too – their quarterback, Tom Brady, who is making his sixth Super Bowl appearance used to play for Michigan!  Go Blue!  Go Pats!  And even more – Go Gatchel Detectives – catch Nita!
A Die Hard Pats Fan

 Can you find Nita??

Noah did!  (AWESOME job, especially on short notice, Mike!  Isn't he wonderful???)

So we decided to check out where exactly New England was on the map

Which led us to narrow it down to these four from our original list of 20 - awesome work Detectives!

We got NJ off to school and the Bean and I headed to visit Amber and A and make a gingerbread house!  We've only been planning on doing this for over a month, lol.  But something always seems to come up.  So today - we made it happen!  And I've got to say, we're good!  We're REALLY good!  Thanks again to Amber and A for the great morning (including letter the Bean crash lunch)!!

Ta da!

Two super cute kids and one well decorated gingerbread creation

Forget the house, I could eat them up!

The Bean and I got home, cuddled and snuggled for awhile, I made the second of three ice cream flavors for Friday night and then went into work for awhile before we had to grab Noah this afternoon.  To both of the kiddos surprise, the flag was up again!

Noah opened the clue and instantly told me: "I know what this is, Mom!" 
He then read us the following:

My Dearest Detectives,
Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You're on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go.

Do you recognize these words?  You should – I know you’ve read this story by an author (you may not know is actually named Theodor Geisel) who was born in the state that I’m hiding out in. (There were LOTS of famous American authors born in the state including Emily Dickinson and Nathaniel Hawthorne).  So to make things interesting and because I’m not a grinch, if you can find this book in your collection, I’ve left an extra clue as to my current whereabouts in the inside cover.  I suggest you “go” all kinds of “places” to look for it!

And they were off!

He was right - he did know right away what book it was from.  They did have to search a bit for it, but soon came back with the book and another clue which read:

Noah and Mikayla,
Oh the places you went!  Perhaps you two are much smarter than I’ve given you credit for.  Hmm, something to keep in mind.  Maybe it’s something I’ll ponder while I make a trip to Cape Cod today.  Cape Cod, on the Atlantic Ocean, gives my current whereabouts a very distinct hook-like appearance on the state’s eastern edge.  Or maybe I’ll think about it while munching on some cranberries – the state is the nation’s second largest producer of them.  Plenty to think about, though in the end it won’t matter – you’ll never catch me!

They did take another look at the map, but didn't think they could for sure say where Nita may be.  But all things considered I thought they made big progress with the clues they did get today.

In the meantime, we're all managing to survive as a trio.  Grant's been working A LOT in Italy and we haven't really been able to touch base with him.  Until this afternoon.

Two really happy kids chatting with their Daddy

For the most part, they've been REALLY good so far while Grant's been gone.  So I decided a treat was in order tonight.  So I took them to Orange Leaf (we'd never been before) to build their own fro-you masterpieces

The Bean's consisted of wedding cake, cotton candy and peppermint.  Noah had orange, brownie batter and cotton candy (I liked the wedding cake personally, though the orange was awesome.)

Tomorrow we don't have anything really going on,though having a heads up on MOMG Intelligence data, I'm looking forward to the information and the result tomorrow:)  So until then...

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