Friday, January 9, 2015

Spotted! Which Generates A Guess...

 Snow is no match for diligent citizens from the state Nita is currently hiding in or the MOMG Chief apparently.  Though about 2 inches fell on Farmington Hills and our soundly sleeping detectives last night, the flag was up on the mailbox bright and early this morning.  School was in session so after they were fully 'geared up' (oh I just love winter...) we checked the box this morning...

This pieced together note was in there, telling them to check their email.  So we logged in to two emails!

The first read as follows:

Dear Gatchel Detectives,

I contacted MOMG after I recently went through some pictures I took at the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival.  The picture I am attaching to this email, I believe has evidence that Miss Direction was there!  MOMG told me that you are on the case so I wanted to get this information to you as soon as possible.  Good luck on your hunt!

A Concerned Citizen

Checking out the attachment, which looks like:

Can you spot Nita???

(A side note from Kristi: there will be a "Spotted" clue for our detectives each week, featuring Nita in a well known location from her current whereabouts.  A HUGE thank you for this goes out to our friend, Mike (and Amber for roping him into it!) who is putting his photo shop skills to the test for us!  He has already given me a few of the upcoming locations and they are amazing.  The kids had an awesome time attempting to spot Nita this morning.  You're wonderful, Mike!!!)

We then checked out the second email which was from the Chief and said:

Dear Detectives,

My Intelligence Committee tells me that you are getting closer to narrowing in on a location of where Miss Direction may currently be hiding.  I am impressed with the hard work you have put in so far and that you have narrowed things down so quickly.

When you are ready to submit a guess as to Nita's current location, please simply send me an email with the name of the state.  I will then send out our MOMG Swat Team to hopefully capture Miss Direction and take her back into custody.  Please be aware that it is very costly to send out the Swat Team and you should be very sure that you know of Nita's location before sending me an email.  You will be permitted one incorrect guess at every location we track Nita to.  Two incorrect guesses and it is very possible that Nita will capture that state before we are able to capture her.  Again, please be very sure that you know where Nita is currently located before making a guess.  If you are unsure, be patient and wait for additional clues.

I trust that you will continue to do your best and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Based on all of this, Noah felt very confident submitting a guess.  As I said yesterday, we narrowed it down to Arizona and New Mexico based on the "American Southwest" information included with the Kokopellis.  The balloon picture sealed it for him, and both detecitives sent the Chief an email indicating they felt Nita Direction is currently hiding in New Mexico.  And now, we wait...

And in the meantime, we play in the snow!

I asked the Bean if she wanted to 'build a snowman' but unfortunately this was not snowman making snow.  Perfect for some adorable snow angels, though!

I'm posting a bit early today because right after our dinner of Chili Cheese Dog Crescent Casserole I'm heading out to meet up with some of my lovely ladies from MOPS for awhile.  Looking forward to some girl time!  We're still kind of playing the weekend by ear with the cold factor, but we're thinking we may head to Somerset collection in the morning for the kids to make a trip to the Lego store to spend the money that Aunt Vickie and Uncle Steve "hid" for them in their soap :)  Then Noah and Grant may be working on some Cub Scout stuff while the Bean and I check out a kid's zumba class.  (Come on, tell me you can't wait to see pictures from the Bean doing zumba!) Church on Sunday, maybe some sledding if the snow sticks around and we're hoping to make it over to the Ice Festival in Plymouth  (one of our favorites!) in the afternoon if it's not too chilly.  Otherwise, we'll just be around hanging out, waiting to hear more from MOMG (we're hoping to hear that they caught Nita!) and enjoying being together.  So until then...

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