Thursday, March 14, 2013

Captain Blue Streak and The Polka Dot Pink Princess

 Today is National Potato Chip Day.  As fabulous as that is, I promise it is secondary to the truly amazing news of my day; Two Super Heroes came to visit today.

I am totally serious!  Noah and Mikayla were here with me up until naptime, then when I went to get them up they were gone and in their place were Captain Blue Streak and The Polka Dot Pink Princess.  And while I miss Noah and Kayla, let me tell you all about these super heroes because they are super cool.

Captain Blue Streak reminds me a whole lot of Noah.  He is very fast and runs around bad guys to catch them off-guard.  Then he has a super shield that actually shoots lightning bolts and the baddies!  To activate his shield he yells "Streak Lightning".  He is also a great jumper.

The Polka Dot Pink Princess is right up Mikayla's alley.  She wears a tiara and carries a super wand.  With her wand, when she yells "Pink Princess Power" or "Bibbity Bobbity Boo" depending on the situation she can actually turn the bad guys into pink polka dots!

They've been very mysterious about their secret identities but have been kind enough to hang out all afternoon and protect me from a few bad guys and they set up a pillow obstacle course to practice all their super powers.  They actually stayed for dinner tonight and to celebrate Potato Chip Day with us.  I have promised them capes to complete their super costumes here in the next few days and they seem very excited about this.

In completely unrelated and not nearly as exciting news, this morning the kiddos and I went over to the grocery store and I let them pick their 'favorite' potato chip to have with lunch.  We then came home and they helped me make 'kitchen sink' bars.  If you're not familiar, they are a kind of cookie bars that contain 'everything but the kitchen sink'  Ours are loaded with chocolate chips, potato chips (of course), pretzels, coconut and peanuts.

After a lunch of peanut butter and potato chip sandwiches, we made some masks (wink wink) and read some stories.  This would probably be about the point where they disappeared.  Hmmm...  Wonder when Noah and Kayla will return?  Until then, I'm enjoying having the super heroes around.

Pears Helene (don't worry, I also said what the heck is that??) tomorrow!  Until then...

Noah and Mikayla showing off their favorite chips (Sour Cream and Onion for the Bean and Cheddar and Sour Cream for Noah)

 Helping make Kitchen Sink Bars

 Peanut Butter and Potato Chip Sandwich

 Painting their masks

 Hmmm, this looks strangely like Captain Blue Streak's mask

 The Polka Dot Pink Princess

 Captain Blue Streak

 Quite the Dynamic Duo!!

 Hot Chicken Salad with a Potato Chip Crust

Our Kitchen Sink bars all cooked up

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