Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Cake Fit for Bella

Really quick tonight...

 Happy National Spinach Day!  Check below to see the 'lazy' spankopita I made for us to celebrate today.  (If you need a giggle think of Mikayla saying spankopita)

The kiddos and I made Bella's cake for her birthday in Kid Kitchen as well as some pretzel treats for her.  I think the pictures of the cake making and birthday party say it all.  Oh, and by the way, just because a cake can be eaten by both dogs and humans doesn't make it tasty to both species...

Spanish Paella tomorrow!  Until then!

Noah mixing up the cake

Kayla adds the carrots

Into the oven it goes

Stirring up the pretzels

After we used peanut butter in the cake they insisted that's what they were going to make themselves for lunch

Doggie pretzel!

Noah shaped all the pretzels by himself

Our frosted cake

I helped them decorate it :)

Lazy spankopita

Yum, spinach!

Bella's 'party'

What was left of the cake

More crafting - any guesses what these are going to be?


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