Saturday, March 9, 2013

No crabs here!

 I was, after much tossing and turning, able to get some sleep last night after my disturbing revelation about my beloved Letter People.  Perhaps that lack of sleep led to my goofy first act of the morning.

On my way out to the kitchen to pop in the Crescent Cinnamon Rolls I had prepped up last night, I stuck my head in both Noah and Mikayla's rooms and told them to come and cuddle in the big bed with Grant and I for 15 minutes until breakfast would be close to ready.  I jumped back in bed, snuggled up next to Noah and looked forward to 15 more minutes in dreamland.  Ha, my two were having none of it!  The novelty of being in 'the big bed' completely outdid any thoughts of going back to sleep.  While Grant and I attempted to snooze there was tossing, turning, giggling, cold feet on my warm body and general craziness.  Note to self:  If you want 15 more minute of sleep, do not invite the kiddos to join you.  That being said, it was nice to ate least try to snuggle with them.  It's not like when they were 6 months old and had no choice, hehe, so I will take any cuddling I can get, even squirmy and giggly cuddling.

As everyone dove into breakfast, I formulated a plan for the day.  The kiddos had missed out on baths last night and I was looking forward to some fun playtime in the tub this morning.  The other day I had stumbled across a website that showed how to mix up some bathtub foams with shaving cream.  Noah helped me mix them up, and let's just say that 98 cents provided quite a good bit of entertainment this morning.

We also fit a family trip to the library in today and then Noah and I whipped up his treat for school on Monday.  It is M week this week, and after some debate (thank so much to my Mom and MIL for the great ideas on the mouse cookies.  Couldn't sell Noah on that one) we decided to make miniature mini M&M cookies (Enough m's for ya?)  We tried out a new recipe which was kind of fun - you actually made up the dough on the stove partially.  It actually turned out to be a great consistency for me to roll into balls, which will be perfect for freezing as I don't want to actually bake the cookies 'til tomorrow.  (Was afraid Noah wouldn't get to help me make them if we didn't do them today as we are hoping to head to the Zoo tomorrow)  He had a great time and we baked up a few as a test batch and he has already decided that there's "No way that anyone won't like these.  They're awesome!"

And in the middle of all this craziness we managed to celebrate National Crabmeat day.  For lunch I  stuck with the obvious way to celebrate crab meat - in crab cakes!  I've actually never made crab cakes before so it was a fun thing to try out.  Then I made a crab and swiss quiche for dinner.  Grant considered both "better than average" and Noah preferred the quiche while Mikayla was a bigger fan of the crab cakes (though she did cause the quiche to disappear very quickly as well).

Not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep tonight and hoping that the rain will stay away and not ruin our trip to the zoo.  Plus, tomorrow is the big game vs. Indiana - GO BLUE!  We'll also be celebrating National Blueberry Popover day, so check us out then.  Until tomorrow...

Noah helping me mix up the bath foam

 Look at all the pretty colors we made!

 1 can of cheap shaving cream + 2 kids + 1 bathtub full of water = Tons of Fun

 They painted each other

 And the tub

 Crab cakes for lunch

 Noah starting work on our cookies

 Crab and Swiss Quiche

 It took me almost 45 minutes to roll out the entire batch of cookie dough into mini balls

 Our test batch - aren't the cute??

Trying to get a shot to put them in size perspective.  You're going to have to bear with me the next couple of days - we had to get a new camera (Again, I know.  Long story) and I am still working on figuring it out

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