Thursday, March 7, 2013


Happy National Cereal Day!  As I mentioned yesterday I really wanted to avoid doing something cliche.  So instead we went to the whole other extreme - we just had cereal!

I bought a whole bunch of different kinds of cereal and we set up our own cereal bar.  Everyone got to create their own cereal with their own mix and toppings.  It was great!  The boys even went back for seconds.

Then after baths tonight we decided to play with our food a little bit.  Everyone set out to create some cereal masterpieces.  Check out the action below.

Peanut clusters tomorrow :) Until then...

When we got home from MOPS this morning we pulled out the play doh for awhile :)  Bragging side note:  I was told that Noah was an EXCELLENT helper in the MOPS nursery today and that he was so good with the smaller kids they wanted to hire him as a baby-sitter.  Go big bro Noah!

Our cereal bar fixings

Noah steps up to create his cereal

Kayla too

And Grant :)

Cereal Art

I'm not sure if more cereal made it on Mikayla's necklace or in her belly.  She did manage to pick out all the marshmallows from the entire bowl of Lucky Charms...

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