Sunday, March 10, 2013

Painting, Popovers and Zoo-Tastic Fun!

 The weather here today is BEAUTIFUL!  After a painting project this morning and then some lunch we headed to Toledo to meet up with my Mom and Dad for a few hours at the zoo.  Can I just say how fabulous it is to only be wearing a sweatshirt in March.

So as I said we started the day with a painting project.  Oh, that is after a new breakfast trial - pancake muffins!  Mix up your favorite pancake batter, fill muffin cups 3/4 of the way, top with anything you like, bake 12-14 mins at 350 - too much fun!  Everyone got their own personal 'flavor' of pancakes.  Anyway, back to the painting.  Grandma Minna's 90th birthday is coming up and we are going to be heading to Illinois in a few weeks to celebrate.  She has said she would like some new birdhouses, so the kids painted some for her yard.  Noah especially did a great job, painting the little fence and everything.

Then it was time to celebrate today's food - Blueberry Popovers.  Think muffin souffles kind of.  Apparently popovers even have their own special pan, but I made mine in a regular muffin tin.  They were a hit and Grant said he'd like to try them with strawberries.  I managed to get a picture of them as soon as I opened the oven before they deflated (which I knew they would - almost all the pictures of them I saw online were of them deflated.) so that was fun, too.  I'd make them again, I think, but won't be investing in a popover pan anytime soon.

We then, like I said, headed to the zoo.  We got to see almost everything we wanted to and it was nice to catch up with my parents for a bit.  Both kiddos were insistent on starting with the snakes (the nakes, as Kayla says) and we learned all about a huge boa constrictor they had out of the cage.    We saw the baby elephant, the baby giraffe and learned that the two new polar bear cubs (twins!) will go on display in May.  Can't wait - we love the zoo.

We made it home just to catch the beginning of the 2nd half of the Michigan vs. Indiana Game which we're currently watching.  Go Blue!  Back to the usual weekly routine tomorrow and we'll be munching on oatmeal nut waffles.  Until then...

 Ready to paint

 Noah's project (unfinished)

 Kayla shows off her skills

 Kayla's project

 Noah's all finished

 The popovers as soon as I opened the oven

 Mikayla the giraffe


 Then as a zebra

 A jaguar!

 Mikayla in an egg

 Hiding in an igloo

 Noah and the lion

Kayla and her lion

Ready for the game!

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