Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Frozen Feast fit for the gods

At my Bridal Shower, the guests were asked to contribute a few of their favorite easy recipes for me to use in my married life.  Some of those recipes I have pulled out countless times (Ann Smith's penny pinching pizza is a favorite!).  As you can imagine, among his favorites are the ones Grant's mom, Caren, gave me to me.  The first was for Lemon Chicken.  It always comes out "good but not as good as Mom's" which I will take any day.  There are some things that will never rank up there with Mom's.  No one, and I mean no one including myself, can make chicken wings to rival my Mama's, so I completely understand.

But the other recipe (which from if I understand Grant correctly was a stand-by of his Step-Dad's actually) was for what was called "Food of the gods"  When I saw that today was Frozen Food Day I knew this was the perfect 'recipe' to pull out.

Food of the gods has to be a favorite of pretty much EVERY kid I know.  It's pretty simple - breaded chicken strips (we substituted chicken rings today, you use what ya got), mozzarella sticks and a veggie side (which I will note on the 'recipe' specifically said veggie in butter, hehe).  Grant added that there must be honey for dipping.

It was no surprise that dinner flew off my table tonight.  I added a fruit smoothie to round out the meal and my kids scarfed it down.  Thanks Bryant's for the perfect way to celebrate Frozen Food Day today :)  Oh, side note for anyone out there keeping track, it is also National Frozen Food month - so if Food of the gods sounds yummy to you, make sure you pick up the fixings for it some time this month!

It is also White Chocolate Cheesecake Day.  I didn't really want to make a whole cheesecake (there is still a little bit of tiramisu to get through yet) and I've been really wanting to make some cookies, so I searched out a recipe for cheesecake cookies!  I found a great recipe, tweaked it to include some white chocolate and a few strawberries for good measure and whipped up a half batch.  They were so cute when they came out of the oven!  They were still all ooey and gooey (so much so that  even though the recipe warned this is what they were supposed to look like I didn't believe they were done and stuck 'em back in for a few more minutes...)  The recipe said they had to be kept in either the fridge or the freezer, so I stuck some in both places so we could compare which we liked better.

So after dinner flew off the table I pulled out the cookies.  Grant said he liked them.  Not his favorite but they were good.  He said it didn't make him think 'cheesecake' but rather eating cookie dough.  I'd agree - I thought they needed more cream cheese.  The chocolate taste was definitely there but that lushness of a cheesecake was missing.  Noah, on the other hand, would have eaten the whole batch of them if I would have let him.  I'm not kidding.  I finally cut him off after five cookies.  Kayla (my non-dessert eater) enjoyed them as well.  I will definitely be making these again next time Noah is super good as a treat.

Cereal Day tomorrow - you'll want to check out what I ended up coming up with.  I was trying to avoid the cliche rice krispie treats or chex mix and I'm kind of excited about what we'll be doing instead.  Plus we're going to do a cereal art project tomorrow night!  Until then...

White chocolate cheesecake cookies

I was trying to get a good picture of the white chocolate chunks but the lighting and I were having a fight

Smoothies for Frozen Food Day

Food of the gods

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