Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Minding our Peas and Paella

 My daughter can be quite the little imp at times.  While there is no denying she's cute and adorable (please don't tell her, she already is well aware) there is a touch of sass just below the surface.  Especially when it comes to dealing with her older brother.

Take tonight, for example.  Happy National Spanish Paella Day as it sets the scene for today's Gatchel kid giggle.  When I picked up Noah from school today and the inevitable "what's for dinner tonight, Mom?" question came up I tried my best to explain paella to them.  Then I made a mistake - I mentioned that there were peas in it.

Cue Noah freak out.  Noah HATES peas.  Noah and I have done battle more times than I care to count over peas.  So much so that I have come to the point of avoiding making foods with peas in it just because I don't want to have that fight.  I distinctly remember a meal last February that he ended up eating for the next four meals simply to avoid the peas.  Am I clearly illustrating how deep the level of Noah's loathing for peas runs?

I tried to brush it off by pointing out how many other things there were in it and that he wouldn't even be able to taste the peas when the tiny voice from the seat next to him pipes up with "Mama, I love peas!  Yum!"  Said owner of the voice then beams at her brother who is shooting lightning bolts at both of us through his eyes.  I sighed and decided to let it drop for the time being.

So when they get up from their naps and come into the kitchen Kayla spies the container with the peas I have thawing in it on the counter.  Not missing a beat as her brother walks in she says "Yay peas!  Mom, I love peas!  Noah, look, peas!"  I could have happily hung her upside down by her toes at that point as it sets Noah off on another tear.  For the next hour until Grant gets home she randomly continues to remind anyone in earshot how much she enjoys peas.  The fact that she completely realizes and is delighting in the fact that she's gotten under her brother's skin is not lost on me but if someone's got parenting advice on how to handle that one, I'm all ears!

We sit down to dinner and I ask Kayla if she wants to try the rice part or the sausage part first ("Rice, with lots of peas, Mom!") and I spy a grumpy Noah out of the corner of my eye glaring down the Spanish Paella.  At this point I almost gave in and told him to just eat around the peas but realized it was just going to turn into a bigger battle at some later date if I did.  I am pleased to report completely under his own steam, Noah battled his pea demon and ate all of the paella.  (Granted I've never seen more exaggerated 'yuck' faces in such a short period of time, but that was so not the hill I was going to die on)  He even admitted to liking it (except for the pea part)  Kayla, too, enjoyed all of her paella.  In fact, it was a hit all around.  It reminded me a lot of a jambalaya with a little less kick.  I will admit that we made the 'poor man's' version, swapping out big shrimp for little mini salad shrimp, but between lobster and shrimp, it was looking like an expensive week to celebrate our food holidays!  It may have not been the most classic paella, but hey, Spanish Paella, peas and all, consider yourself celebrated.

In other news Noah had a great time at his Easter party at school today.  He came home full of sugar and goodies.  And a great big shout-out to his one classmate's Grandma who made little bunny washcloths for each of them!  He loves it, has been carrying it around with him everywhere and when Captain Blue Streak and the Pink Polka Dot Princess showed up today, CBS told me that the bunny washcloth also has super powers (he kisses people when they touch his bow) and his name is Lightning Bolt.  OK then!

We also finished up our art projects for our Easter celebration.  I am tickled with how they turned out!  I am so stinkin' proud of both of them.  Can't wait to share them with everyone over the weekend.

As a programming note, things are probably going to be a little crazy around the blog the next couple of days.  Tomorrow night I am heading to Fremont to be with my family during Dad's surgery on Friday and Grant and the kiddos will be here in Farmington (they're going to the Marshmallow Drop on Friday.  Remember last year?) and then will be joining us on Saturday and Sunday.  While I'm working on getting the stuff around for our food celebrations, can't promise pictures of those since I'll be leaving the camera here for the way more fun action ;-)  We'll work on getting posts and updates around as we can, though.  I'll try to get a post up before I leave tomorrow night as I'm sure no one wants to miss National Something On A Stick Day (no, I didn't make that up).  Until then...

Spanish Paella

 Noah's Daffodils for Grandma

 Mikayla's Daffodils for Grandma

 Didn't our bunnies turn out cute?

If you guess that last night's coffee filters were to become butterflies, give yourself a hand!  They did AWESOME!

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