Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mulling over the Cold

 I am getting a little tired of the cold and being stuck inside and today's food (cold cuts) had me wishing we could pack up dinner and go for a picnic.  So we did.  Kind of.  Just inside :)

Cold cuts are so versatile I had no problem come up with ideas how to celebrate today.  And since we found out they love things like salami (just ask Papa how much Noah loves salami) and pastrami I was willing to be a little more daring.  So you'll have to check out my cold cut creations below.

It's also National Mulled Wine Day.  Grant and I warmed up with some this afternoon while watching Michigan defeat Michigan State.  It reminded me a lot of the wassail that Sean made when we were in college, just a little bit heavier.  A nice warm-up on a chilly afternoon.

We took a family trip to Ikea today.  I love Ikea, it cracks me up to see how much stuff can be stuffed in such a small space.  We didn't make any major purchases (we didn't expect to) but the highlight of our trip was finding some cute bowls. plates and utensils for the kiddos.  They love to have their own 'color' that matches, hmmm, wonder where they get that anal retentive trait from... On the way home I opened it up and found the 'warning' label that went along with it.  There were (and I exaggerate not and took a picture to prove it) 29 languages that the warning was written in.  Ikea takes global sales to a whole new level!

Back to school tomorrow and we're all going to pack on some weight tomorrow with the 'toasty' (there's your hint) idea I have to celebrate pound cake.  Until then...

Cold cut salad.  I know it looks weird but everyone loved it.  Noah gave it an 8 even

 Mulled wine

 Our picnic dinner - cold cut pinwheels, peaches and red skinned potato salad - yum yum, tastes like summer to me!

 Just the front of the Ikea warning page...

 So the fire wouldn't cooperate to let us make 'smores but I whipped some up in the microwave anyway :)

Our picnic

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