Saturday, March 23, 2013

Made in Michigan, Eaten in Illinois

As promised, before they left the other night, I spent a few hours in the kitchen whipping up the foods for the days Grant and the kiddos were going to be gone.  Fortunately, they were rather portable things that they could take and share.  We missed yesterday (Friday) as I didn't think Coq Au Vin would travel all that well, but it's on my list to make here in the next few weeks, so be watching for it.

In the meantime, today is National Chips and Dip Day as well as National Melba Toast Day.  Using the handy dandy chip maker my parents got me for Christmas (thanks guys!) and my new mandolin (which I discovered is very sharp, youch!) I made some homemade potato chips and a creamy onion dip to go with them.  I also tried my hand at making some melba toast.  Think super thin slices of toast if you are unfamiliar.  I sent those along with the rest of the artichoke dip from last week so hopefully everyone there got to 'celebrate' today.

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day.  Since I wasn't sure when to expect my wonderful hubby and adorable twosome back, I sent these along as well.  While I was thinking along the line of Raisinettes, these were actually bit sized raisin chocolate clusters.  We'll have to see what everyone thought of them tomorrow.

My, myself and I have spent the day organizing my recipes for the next week and updating next months calendar (wait 'til I tell Noah cheese fondue is in April!) , then re-arranging the bedroom, cleaning/organizing the mud room (I tempted fate and put away all the hats and gloves except the ones the kids took with them to Illinois.  Take that Mother Nature!) and then a good scrub down for the whole house.  I have to say while I miss everyone it is nice knowing that for at least a little while my house will stay clean.  Oh and I got to watch the Michigan game - Sweet 16 bound, baby!  GO BLUE!

I'm sure Grant will have lots of pictures to post tomorrow.  Otherwise, check back Monday for some waffles, some pecans and some lobster Newberg.  Should be interesting.  Until then...

Onion Dip

Melba Toast

Chocolate Covered Raisins

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