Sunday, March 17, 2013

Luck o' the Irish

 I'm pretty sure that today's pictures and the fact that I used almost two full bottles of green food coloring today say it all.  Happy St. Patrick's Day, all!

Louie (our Leprechaun) turned the milk green and made the pancakes green with lucky charms in them

 He also left leprechaun hats for each of the kiddos

 And he hung our shamrocks on the windows and left the kids a note saying Happy St. Patrick's Day and with a PS that they'd never find his gold

 Daddy helped build their super hero fort today

 Static cling!

 Louie got to their lunches, too!
He turned the ice cubes green (can you tell we have one very busy leprechaun??)

And I forgot to get pictures of it, but this afternoon Louie left pieces of his gold all over our entire house and Noah and Mikayla found all of them in a crazy treasure hunt!

 Happy National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day!

 Irish Soda Bread

 Grant got Drunk Irish Mint Chocolate Cake for dessert

 And the kiddos had mint brownie trifles

 Then we set out to make some green mint smelling playdoh

 Kayla mixing up her green playdoh

 Noah too

 We added a bit of oatmeal to one of Noah's shades of green

Kayla and I made green pretzels

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