Monday, October 3, 2011

A vist from the Sanders Crew :)

What a great weekend the Gatchel family had! This weekend really reminded me how much I love the family that Grant and I are blessed to have been given. The four of us really just enjoyed each other - other than a minor bloop here or there - no big tantrums, no big stresses, just us settling into life as it now goes.

This weekend also reminded me how thankful I am for the people God brought into our lives during the transition from Florida to Michigan. Jen, Tim and their amazing kiddos Audrey and Xavier have been a huge blessing for all of us. Every time we talk, get together, whatever, I am reminded how great it is to have people in our lives that have a similar family dynamic to ours and can relate to the day to day going ons of having two kiddos underfoot constantly :) With Tim being as busy as he is, Jen is my hero when it comes to parenting two toddlers on top of all the other things she has going on - including going back to school! And it is quite obvious that my kiddos are super attached - Noah and Mikayla started watching at the window for them to arrive just after breakfast yesterday morning. We all had a great time hanging out and really just enjoying each other's company. Oh, and Jen and I proving to Grant and Tim through not just one, but two games of Battle of the Sexes that we females are superior (hehehe) I can't wait till we get together again, and am really looking forward to our 'sleepover' on Black Friday :)

Not sure what this week will bring, and for the most part I'm OK with that :) Now that I finally got the border in the playroom done I feel like it might free up my time a bit. I'm thinking that I want to start a project in Mikayla's room (decorating wise) but I'm not sure what to do. If anyone has any suggestions that just scream "Mikayla" I'd love to hear them. I also want to get some fabric and make curtains and a door curtain for Noah's room. Also looking for some more fire fighter 'gear' for his room to make it complete... Suggestions welcome there as well.

This Michigan Mama wishes everyone a Happy Monday (can you believe it's in October already??) and says 'peace out' until tomorrow... :)

Noah and Mikayla waiting patiently for Audrey and Xavier to arrive

They're here! They're here!

The kiddos enjoying lunch together

I could just squeeze them all. They were all four of the best behaved kiddos yesterday!

So we tried to get a picture with all four of them...

But you try wrangling 4 under 4 into a picture ;-)

And it's official - we lost them!

My beanie and her buddy Xavier

Thank you God for friends :)

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