Monday, October 17, 2011

Making the Most of it

**Kristi's Note** I apologize in advance that the pictures are 'backwards' - the computer and I were having a fight and the computer won...

I'm a big fan of making every attempt to turning those proverbial lemons into lemonade whenever the situation arises and I'd say we made a pretty good stab at it on Sunday. Even though we were disappointed that our outing had to be put off, we made the most of the day with what we had to work with. Oh, and as a side note, the plumbing issue is still not fixed, but our temporary solution is working nicely. Hopefully we'll get it taken care of today...

Yesterday morning we spent running errands in an attempt to fix the plumping solution and also to grab a few odds and ends to work on some different projects that we have put on the back burner. Well back burner items, you just got moved up! I have been wanting to do a new set of 'hands' for the wall in the playroom for awhile now, so I decided to let the kids get messy again :) Since I was going to need the paint out anyway, I made a bunch of salt dough baked cut-outs for them to paint. While the end results turned out to be quite interesting (that's my nice Mama way of saying a colorful mess!) they had a lot of fun. We also all did a new set of hands so I'm looking forward to getting those hung up.

While the kids napped, Grant and I decided that it would be a great afternoon to discover if there were any issues with the fireplace. Fortunately, no problems arose and we had a beautiful fire going for most of the rest of the day. After a long explination to the kiddos that they're not allowed in the library by themselves if there is a fire in the fire place, we let them enjoy it too by roasting some marshmallows inside. Any of you that are a little more 'in the know', understand that this is a fulfillment to Noah's ultimate wish list for a new house. Ever since we told him that we were going to move all he asked for was a house with a fireplace. We were finally able to gather from him that he wanted this so he could roast marshmallows. The kid was in seventh heaven last night :)

Looks like it will be another full week. Looking forward to skyping with the Kunkle's tonight, Fremont tomorrow and possibly a get together with one of Grant's co-workers family on Friday. On top of all the other daily activities around here, of course! Until tomorrow...

The finished painting 'masterpieces'


Noah and his marshmallow

Mikayla getting to roast a marshmallow

Noah's turn!

She kept trying to 'blow' on the fire to cool it down. It was too cute


They each got to paint a butterfly to add to the walls in Mikayla's room

I had to hold the butterfly still while Mikayla went to town with the brush - otherwise they both did all of the painting themselves

Our first fire

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  1. I think indoor marshmallow roasting is the best use of fireplaces!