Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hay Day fun

I will readily admit that I wasn’t bursting with joy about the idea of moving to a suburb of Detroit when we first discussed it back in May. Given my little exposure to the city during my childhood and all the bad press it has been given (especially in the past year or so) I didn’t think it would be a wise move. But it met the other qualifications we had set and Grant was thrilled at the prospect of working for Harman.

One month in, I will say it (and put it in writing) I was wrong. I have grown to adore the area we are in, love all the opportunities the community and surrounding communities have to offer and am tickled pink with the new life we are establishing here. The kids seem to really be thriving, especially Noah with his schooling.

Last night provided yet another example of why I am really loving being up here. The City threw a huge party at the major park in the area (which is only like 2 miles from the house!!) called Hay Day. The fire department was there with two trucks and all their equipment out for the kids to see/play with, there was a HUGE bonfire to roast marshmallows and smores over, they had a bounce house, a local farmer was there with pumpkins, apples and cider you could purchase, the nature preserve at the park was open and you could go check it out, there was a hay ride, just a ton of stuff. It was great! And the crazy thing to me was that it was packed with people on a Tuesday night.

It was a great opportunity for the four of us to go out and do something together that we normally wouldn’t get to do. It was such a great break in the ‘routine’ that is so easy to establish and it made Grant and I both smile to watch the kiddos enjoy themselves so much.

It helped a bit that the weather has been absolutely gorgeous and in the mid 70’s here the past few days and promises to continue that trend through the rest of the week. I am attempting to take advantage of that and have been ripping apart the landscaping out front. I do not like to use this word at all, but – I HATE groundcover. I swear if I never see another one of those viney messes again it will be too soon!

Alright, enough of my babbling. Enjoy the pictures!

Mikayla and I were dancing to the music :)

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  1. It is nice to see Mikayla enjoying a fire truck in more favorable circumstances... :)