Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A rake, a cat and a tantrum

Yesterday I found my first contender for "Reasons not to buy a house with a big yard"; raking leaves. I actually really enjoyed being outside and doing the raking but it seemed like a never ending task! In an hour I only made it through about 2/3 of the front yard. Granted, now that the weather has been changing and the leaves were all wet it made it a little more difficult than it probably would have otherwise, but still. Plus, my perfectionist nature get really irritated when I get a spot cleared and then the dang tree has the gull to drop just one or two leaves there. (hehehe)

Tonight I'm taking Noah to a special Halloween story time at the library (provided he behaves better than last night where we had to leave Target mid-shoe purchase because of a meltdown. Though big kudos to Grant (and me!) for not losing it, simply saying "we're leaving", putting the shoes back and carrying a screaming tantrum throwing Noah out to the car. I think we may be getting the hang of this parenting thing. Quick, knock wood or some other voo doo so I don't jinx it!

Until tomorrow then...

Mikayla had to try on Mommy's slippers and mug for the camera

They were sharing their "ti-ti's" (blankets) so nicely I had to get proof

Noah showing off the cat mask he made at school

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