Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nemo's Birthday

Have you ever seen the movie "Babe"? I think one of my all time favorite movie moments happens when at the very end the farmer looks at Babe and simply says "That'll do pig, that'll do." It is so simple, yet you can tell it is the highest form of praise that could possibly be given. As a parent I am endlessly trying to create the 'that'll do' feeling with my kiddos. Most of the time I know I'm doing a good job, giving it the best that I've got. But every once in awhile I like to strive for just that much more, give them just that little bit extra...

Today was my "that'll do" moment.

As I said earlier, I was a bit baffled by Noah's sudden declaration last night that today was Noah's birthday. (Sixth birthday by the way) And even more so by the amount of detail that he gave me about how Nemo wanted to celebrate the day. As Grant said last night "That is all you, Kristi, he definitely didn't get that from me." And while I see flashes of myself in both kiddos all the time, I agree that Noah is much more like me than I probably even realize. It makes me smile just thinking about how dedicated he was to all the details. All I could think at the time was "OK, how can I make each of these things happen?"

Hence the celebration of Nemo's birthday tonight. Rarely will I openly toot my own horn, but this time, I gotta say "I did a damn fine Mama job!" Noah was beyond excited at the celebration we created. Right down to the party hats and fish candles Nemo 'requested' And each time he smiled it made every single second of it worth it.

The cake - Nemo likes carrot cake best

Nemo asked for fish candles on his cake

The birthday fish and my little man (Nemo also asked for party hats)

The little sister had to get in on the action, too

Nemo's dinner request; Chicken nuggets with ranch for dipping, mozzerella sticks, grapes cut into little pieces and watermelon jello (which just happened to become fish shaped ;-) )

Praying over Nemo's birthday dinner

Mikayla really enjoyed the jello

Opening Nemo's birthday present

A "Chuggington" coloring book - because it is Nemo's favorite show to watch with Noah

"Go Fish!" card game

And gummy worms!

All the fish candles lit on Nemo's cake

We even sang!

Cake, ice cream and double party hats - it doesn't get much better than that


  1. So I'm pretty sure you win awesome mom of the year award!! The rest of us have been totally left in the dust on this one :) Cute pics :)

  2. That is positively excellent! I adore Noah's expression in the gummy worms photos. Can't wait to see you guys! <3