Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I love Fishes!

Confession time; there is a new love in my life. Said love has filled me with joy beyond belief. In it I have found what I have been looking for; vanilla Goldfish. My new love is a Pepperidge Farms Bakery Outlet located on Eight Mile near Middlebelt (only a couple of miles from the house)

The kids and I are kind of obsessed with Goldfish. And Noah and I especially attend to attach ourselves to a flavor that we're then suddenly unable to find anywhere. For me it's been the vanilla graham - not the vanilla cupcake ones, just vanilla. And Noah loves Sour Cream and Onion. We have hunted high and low across multiple states looking for them only now to find out they've been a couple miles from the house the whole time!

So the kids and I checked it out yesterday and picked up some great deals. The lady working the register was so nice she even aid since it was our first time there that we got a free loaf of bread! And since we don't buy a lot of bread (because this Mama and her amazing bread machine keep the family pretty well stocked there) it was a treat for Noah to get to pick a loaf of cinnamon swirl for toast. They also had (which I've never seen before) a lemon Goldfish. They had a bag full of 20 smaller bags of the for $3! I picked it up for the kiddos and they love them :) Oh Farmington, how I grow to love you a little more each day...

After that errand we kept our morning full by running to the grocery store (Miejer - yet another love of mine...) and then found a Hobby Lobby a little south of here. I am working on Mikayla's room still, and we've been trying to find as many different shaped butterflies to paint to put on the walls as possible. Actually found some cute dragonflies yesterday so we'll consider it a successful trip.

Last night after dinner, we frosted another set of Halloween cookies, this time with a little help from Daddy. The kids were so excited to decorate and then put a tray together to take to Grandma and Papa's house. (Or as Mikayla says "Papa How") We're headed to Fremont after Noah gets out of school for a weigh-in and then to catch some dinner with Jen and her kiddos.

Alright, need to think about getting those kiddos moving here shortly... Until tomorrow :)

I got the names put on the hands today

Working on personalized Trick or Treat bags for each of the kiddos

Mikayla ready for cookie time

I think she officially ate more candy corn then she put on cookies...

Noah getting in on the action

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