Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

To being with, today is an official day of mourning in the Gatchel household. Not one team that I was rooting for yesterday managed to win. Michigan, BG, Illinois and the Tigers all went down in flames. How sad...

On top of that, all week Grant and I have been planning a day trip to Greyling for today in order to see some of the spectacular fall foilage and check out some of the other offerings of our new home state. We had originally wanted to make it an overnight trip, but remembered that doesn't really work when you have a Bella :)

Then yesterday afternoon as we were watching the Wolverines get tromped, we suddenly heard a dripping noise. Apparently there is a leak in the pressure hose (or something like that Grant tells me) to the heating system started leaking. And it's right over my stove. So after a few hours yesterday Grant was able to rig a system so it was leaking directly into a milk jug instead of all over my stove and floor, but we weren't able to fix the actual problem. Ugh... That being said we decided that it probably wasn't best to travel three hours in each direction today and be away in case the problem intensifies. You gotta love what happens when you make plans sometimes.

Hopefully today goes better, right?
Dress-up time

Noah's picture of Daddy

Noah's self portrait

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