Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'That' Mom

Yesterday Mikayla and I are standing in the hallway waiting to pick Noah up from school when his teacher comes out in the hall and asks me if I can stay after she dismisses all the other students; she needs to talk to me. What else but "yes, of course" can I possibly say to that? I mean, it obviously had trouble written all over it but there was nothing else for me to do but agree.

Cut to all the other kids being dismissed, Mikayla and I now in the classroom eyeballing a very guilty looking Noah who is sitting on the carpet. Apparently Noah got himself in quite a bit of trouble at school yesterday. Enough that his teacher moved his name card from green to yellow; something she assured Grant and I at our parent/teacher meeting at the beginning of the year that she hardly ever has to do. According to his teacher, Noah was having major problems listening and following directions...

As I'm listening, for a brief moment I wished the ground would open up beneath me and swallow me up whole. This couldn't possibly be MY kiddo that was the trouble maker! What did that possibly say about my skills as a parent? Oy vey!

After I made Noah apologize for his behavior, we left school in silence while I brooded over the best way to tackle the situation. After I was able to think it through for a few minutes, I realized that he is only three, they all have their moments and it was no reflection on my ability as a parent that caused Noah to act out. And while he shouldn't be allowed to run rampant and be a trouble maker, for the most part he's a good kid and I'm sure it was just an off day. We talked about it a bit in the car, I made him call Grant and talk about it and then we moved on. His teacher asked that he draw an 'apology picture' and bring it to school tomorrow and then he can move his card back to green.

Chalk it up to yet another lesson in parenting....

Until tomorrow :)
I finished the kiddo's trick or treat bags

Noah coloring his apology picture

He took it in stride for the most part and assures me that tomorrow he will be an angel ;-)

Finished the artwork on Mikayla's closet doors


  1. You're a good mom, and the teacher can see that, otherwise I doubt she would have bothered. (Not that I have a ton of experience in the matter, but I never talked to parents that I knew wouldn't take the time and effort to follow through.)

  2. Thank you for teaching me something today...I didn't know impish was a word, let alone a word that could be used to describe Mikayla...

  3. You're a great mom! I think you handled it like a real pro :) I am also totally in love with Mikayla's artwork! So cute!