Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mikayla and the Donut

One of the things I enjoy the most about Noah going to school is the one on one time it has given Mikayla and I. I love both of the kiddos equally, but sometimes I think that Mikayla has gotten the short end of the stick because she was the second born. She doesn't get nearly as much individual attention as Noah got/gets so I love the couple of hours on Tuesdays and Thursday that she and I get to spend together.

Yesterday, after dropping Noah off at school, she and I went grocery shopping. We had quite the conversation about what we were purchasing and she of course had to tell everyone we passed 'hi.' As a treat for how good she was while we were gone, I let her pick a donut from the bakery. I learned my lesson last week about when to give them treats though (not in the car if you plan on going anywhere else...) and waited until we got back home and she was securely wrapped up in a towel to avoid an excessive mess. (Though she still managed to somehow get it all over her clothes) Following are some of the shots of how much Mikayla enjoyed her treat :)

Go get 'em Tigers! Enjoyed the game last night much more than I did the previous two and am looking forward to watching again this afternoon. People around here are going nutso between the Lions (5-0 baby!), the Tigers and the UM vs. State game this weekend. I thought people in the South took their sports seriously but it is nothing compared to up here! Even the "Top 40" radio station has been taken over by the sports craze, counting down the hours til the games start and breaking in with score updates on a regular basis. I'm loving it!

Hoping to maybe get a start on Mikayla's room today. And I'm thinking I'm seeing some cut-out Halloween cookies complete with decorating in my kiddos futures today.... Until tomorrow!

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