Friday, October 28, 2011


Today has not felt like a Friday. I'm not sure why, we've done all of our usual Friday 'stuff'. Maybe because I tackled the mountain of laundry yesterday instead of today. That's got to be it. Regardless, I am so glad it is Friday because we have one jam packed weekend planned and I am super excited for all of it.

Tomorrow morning we're hitting the customer appreciation sale at the Pepperidge Farm Bakery Outlet (I love me some goldfish!) and then downtown for the Halloween Farmer's Market for cider, donuts and pumpkin painting! Then we're splitting up for the rest of the day; I'm off to have some wedding planning fun with Shell and Mom while Grant and the kids are going Trunk or Treating with Jason's family.

Then Sunday is an Ohio day. We're heading down there Sunday morning to meet up with the fam to go and pick pumpkins! Then carving some spooky faces :) From there we're headed to Bellevue for the Sanders Family's Halloween party and then back to Fremont for some Trick or Treating! I think we're going to have a couple of wiped out kiddos after this weekend is over. Not to mention a wiped out Grant and Kristi...

We are starting to count down the days until the Kunkle's arrive next Friday; not sure which member of the family is most excited! We're looking forward to spending next weekend with them, catching up and showing them our new 'home turf.'

Then the following weekend Grant and the kiddos are off for a couple of fun filled days in Illinois. I know they are really looking forward to catching up with everyone there.

Then one quiet weekend...

Then Thanksgiving!

Can you believe it? Grant was saying something earlier about his team having a deadline for some project on the 18th of November and I thought to myself "gee, that's a long time out yet." Only to stop and reconsider that it's really only 3 weeks away. Yikes! While it annoys me to no end that Halloween hasn't even passed yet and all the stores have their Christmas stuff out already (who am I kidding, lots of them had it out right after Labor Day...) it really isn't all that far away.

Alright, just the thought of the next couple of months has exhausted me, so I'm off to enjoy the rest of my Friday evening by trying to decide who I want to win Game 7 and then rooting for the opposite team because we all know my track record of picking the winning sports team lately...

He was reading to her :)

They really do love each other...

My cuddle monkeys

Tickle war!

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