Sunday, October 9, 2011

Farmer's Market and Loving Siblings

I just got back from a walk through the neighborhood on which I was able to get within 10 feet of some deer grazing on someone's lawn. How incredible! Grant said there were a couple in the back yard this morning when he took Bella out and then some ducks wandered in and up to our deck. Between that and the absolutely breathtaking scenery provided by the changing leaves, it's been a great morning already. Oh, and Michigan won and Ohio State lost - it doesn't get much better than that! Six wins means we secured a bowl game at least, right?

Yesterday morning we finally made it to the Farmington Farmer's Market. It was so neat! They had tons of vendors with everything from pure maple syrup to lawn art. The kiddos, Grant and I really enjoyed perusing everything it had to offer.

In the afternoon, I FINALLY conquered the weeding out front. I swear if I never see another one of those viney thing again it will be too soon. Grant was also able to get the weed eater out and take care of the mess that was growing in the ditch out front, so I am not quite so mortified when I pull in the driveway now. In a neighborhood in which at least 40% of the population pays for a lawn service, there's a lot of pressure not to be the odd house out. I'd say our curb appeal has improved drastically since we moved in, though!

Last night, after making pizzas and chowing down, Grant and I watched the football game (during the first half all I could do was yell at the TV to the point that I almost refused to turn on the 2nd half) and worked on a 1000 piece puzzle. I'm not sure which was more frustrating - the lack of defense the entire first half, the fact that OSU was winning at halftime or trying to make the dang pieces fit!

We're off to Maybury State Park here in a bit, then down to Toledo to meet up with Shell, Dudley and Mom and Dad for a mini birthday celebration for Shell. Until later...
Petting the puppies

This makes my heart melt every time I see it

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  1. Glad you have a great local farmers market :) I love those things!!